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Does content syndication in UK work?

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    May 19, 2014
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    Hy folks,

    I have a dream to build an online business to make a good living from- earn good money with.
    I interested in the uk market, so I been from Europe,with the uk market it is easier for me to get payout through bank withdrawal- as with own products.

    So to build up a list- I need traffic.
    One method is to wrote good content and spread that out to ezines - not the article directories, I mean online magazine's or big blogs with guest posting.

    My plan is simple:

    send Traffic- squeezpage- after then send series of email content per autoresponder to the list- then in one email a link to my website who has a good written product review (not direct link to products in email)

    My question to you, does any have experience with content snydication in the uk market?

    Which is best method to do content syndication, send content to magazine's, or blogs?

    Where I find such syndication partners in the uk market?

    Should I put the content first on my own website to index in google- and then submit to syndication partners?
    Is twitter an ideal channel to spread out content and get target traffic to build a list?

    Yes there are quicksprout and such things .....but they cost huge money...
    Facebook to advertise my good written content- costs money too.......

    Many told, that this method will not work (especial the anti Alexa Smith fraction) as example.

    I think when this method not work, the online magazine's and big blogs will not have authors anymore who submit content to them.

    I not interesting to do the facebook hype, submit my content and share with others ("chat" ) with them on facebook.

    What do you mean?