1. A

    Youtube Gaming channel and ReUsed Content.

    hello everyone, this is my first thread, i was recently facing some news, which idk if it is true or not. ive heard that gaming youtube channels which are faceless are no longer getting monetized , even if you put your own voice over it. i was planning to create a gaming channel (gameplay) while...
  2. A

    Quick question about monetization.

    Hello everyone, I have a quick question regarding monetization of a YouTube channel and I apologize if I am asking this in the wrong place. I just want to know how a channel can get monetized when using footage from a tv show, lets say for example a popular tv show like breaking bad or game of...
  3. neoanderson

    Google has dropped content written by people from SEO Playbook

    As per the blog in decrypt - Google Updates Its SEO Playbook for Content Generated With AI Google has dropped “content written by people” and now says it looks for quality content—no matter how it was generated.
  4. O

    !!!! Please !!!Need help in content writing

    Hello Everyone, I launched a new site and, accordingly, have collected a good amount of content material. I do a lot of research and collect the materials and data according to research low competitive keywords, but I need help understanding how to shape it into a piece of content; I find...
  5. Porter.parter

    My journey of Tik-Tok farming for my agency on OnlyFans [relaunch]

    Hi I am porter.parter and on this forum I have previously shared a few of my paths on this forum. I saw that they were helpful to the readers of this forum and also by the feedback given by other colleagues in the OnlyFans sphere At the moment I am still co-owner of Fermio agency, where my...
  6. Jack Jericho

    [WTB] website builder / AI content generation / full-service

    Hey Everyone, I'm on the hunt for someone or a service that can help me build a website dedicated to reviewing various digital marketing tools. The ideal setup would be that the website generates English SEO-optimized content and auto-publishes it with my pre-defined affiliate links. Bonus if...
  7. Panther28

    Insight into priorities

    I was deep in some philosophical work thinking shiznit for a few moments yesterday and thought this insight might be helpful to people who need to prioritize their work. 1. Publish to assets 2. Build assets 3. Study assets Publishing to assets is the only thing that makes money. So do that...
  8. gcgipson

    ♠ New AI Trained for Blogging & Ranking - All Purchases Come with a 150% Cash Back Reward - $2.00 for 1400 words ♠

  9. ♠ New AI Trained for Blogging & Ranking - All Purchases Come with a 150% Cash Back Reward - $2.00 for 1400 words ♠

    ♠ New AI Trained for Blogging & Ranking - All Purchases Come with a 150% Cash Back Reward - $2.00 for 1400 words ♠

    USDC Rewards Club | $2.00 per 1400 word article | New AI trained for Blogging | 150% Cash Back Reward
  10. P

    Automated Digital Media & Product Funnel

    Hello BHW Fam :D, We've built software that automates curation, videos and funnels for digital products. Some use cases are automated newsletters, news clips, and semi-automated course creation. Newsletters: Automate your news curation. Courses: Easily create course styled content. Videos...
  11. P

    peafowls tail and a question about have Multiple(serious a lot) YT Channels

    do you know in Greek mythology, the origin of the "eyes" adorning peacock feathers springs from Indeed, there are many eyes in the contemporaneous realms of the Internet. Lately, I've been devoting a substantial amount of time studying the capture and capitalization of attention. Of all my...
  12. mnsharma769

    Hiring Someone to Unravel Website Ranking Secrets on Google!

    Hello fellow forum members, I am currently in search of a skilled freelancer who can assist me in unraveling the mystery behind a particular website's remarkable ranking for some of the highly competitive keywords on Google in the USA. I'm astonished by how this website manages to rank so high...
  13. Tristin_Davies

    How to MONETIZE a tiktok account posting sports clips.

    So I want to start posting viral sports clips around a certain sport like tennis, rugby or NFL. How could i maybe monetize a page like this?
  14. JaredScott

    Finding Professional Ebike Blog Writers

    I'm working for a leading electric bike manufacturer and currently seeking talented blog writers who are passionate about cycling and enthusiastic about the eBike industry to join our team. If you are a creative and insightful blog writer with knowledge of white hat SEO, we want you! Please...
  15. P

    Howdy y'all! I'm pornwriter1 AMA

    Hi there, internet friends As the username suggests, I'm an adult content writer here to make friends and write dirty texts. I'm also a beginner standup comedian, a good one, but struggling to find an audience (for now). I'm as good as Lois CK and Dave Chappelle combined. I have dreams of...
  16. malikmajmudar

    Help me with CpaGrip i have an issue !!!

    Hello mates, i recently started using cpagrip content locker on one of my site. so simply it ask user to complete a offer to access the web content. so i tried this. but even the user complete the offer it doesn't give access to content and change the statues saying "complete the offer..."...
  17. l0cke

    Forthcoming Changes in Google Algorithm

    Google is changing its useful content system in order to better comprehend and rank content provided from a personal or expert perspective. Content writers should concentrate on producing unique, valuable content that provides readers with a fulfilling experience and follows closely to their...
  18. snowwh1te

    How to avoid copyright infringement with celebrity pictures?

    Hi guys. How come some entertainment blogs, like celebrity gossip, etc, use images of celebrities in their articles without copyright infringement? I know a couple of smaller blogs that post news/viral content and they all have pictures of celebrities, and they've been running ads via AdSense...
  19. Dot Mirror LTD

    ❌ Never Run Out of Content Again ✅ Presenting XtremeWriter ⭐ The Ultimate Tool for Bulk Content Creation ⭐ Get Your Lifetime License or ❤️ Trial

    Greetings everyone, this is Dot Mirror Ltd. We have a fantastic opportunity for you! Our cutting-edge software is unparalleled in the market, as it offers a lifetime license for content generation that no other software can match. With our software, you can publish content to your website or...
  20. A

    I need an SEO professional to write content about Casino for a betting site.

    Hi, everyone! IF you know how to make a great SEO content about Casino and betting website, or if you know someone who do, reply and let`s talk.
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