content marketing

  1. PRExpert0826

    [JV] My Content Marketing + Your Facebook Media Partner Support Portal

    Hello, I am currently looking for a business partner who has access to the Facebook Media Partner Support Portal. If you have access to this tool, please contact me as soon as possible to discuss the terms of our collaboration. I am only interested in serious collaborations. This will be a...
  2. Robert_farnum

    Linkedin Content Marketing

    Did anyone test linkedin content marketing? Is it possible to get client by content marketing in linkedin?
  3. leadsplanet

    Just wrote an article, how to market it?

    What are your ideas and tips for content marketing?
  4. sajal mahmud


    Order Link: Refund Policy: 1. We would only refund the total amount of the package if we failed to deliver the project on time duration. Please knock us for the coupon code Note: Anyone can get the sample before placing an...
  5. Nancy224

    Stylish Books to Ameliorate Writing for Marketing?

    Hi guys, I am relatively strong in terms of written and verbal English but I worry that that does n’t inescapably restate into effective jotting for marketing. I lately secured a dispatches part and I'm responsible for the written dispatches of my company. This includes dispatch marketing, web...
  6. P

    What is the best way to find new content for creation?

    This might not be the first time when someone asked for it, but I am just curious to know one question about content creation. Till this point the way i am creating content is getting more and more content around the keywords i.e. short tail and long tails, but that is what i think is good for...

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    FAQ 1. What Is the Difference Between Our Service And Standard Copywriting Service? We don't produce cheap and bad articles, which never will achieve anything. We produce only high-quality content based on deep research, trend modeling, and search intent. We write to make your blog shine! 2...
  8. T

    How to Use Topic Clusters for Content Marketing to Rank, Convert, and Strategize

    Ranking on page #1 of the SERPs (search engine results pages) can seem like an impossible task. Especially if you’re publishing in a competitive niche. The experts shake their heads and explain that you’ll have to sell a kidney to pay for backlinks. So you think about quitting…before you even...
  9. C

    Content Marketing Tactics for E-Commerce Business Owners!

    ....Facebook Ads, Instagram, and Google Ads are essential parts of an eCommerce business. I’ve seen experts posting case studies regarding their ads running, and most of the time, it’s about increasing the sales of an E-com site. Without a doubt, anyone entering the Ecom race should brace...
  10. T

    Persuade Like a Lawyer: How to Write to Convince a Jury of Readers

    Weak arguments are like chains: If one claim breaks, the whole argument falls apart. Lawyers—i.e., people who argue as a profession—know better. Instead of linking chains, lawyers weave claims into cables of arguments strong enough to convince judges and juries. Unlike fragile links, if one...
  11. T

    Content Marketing Strategy by Joe Pulizzi

    Do you ask these questions? What is content marketing? Why is it important? and How to do it? Then I highly recommend you to watch these videos. Yes one is from 2021 and another one is from 2015, Yet the value you'll get is nothing less than a premium course. Hope you'll enjoy and use tomorrow...
  12. flashsites

    Mass Guest posting with (freelancers)

    Hi I've compiled a list of 6k pages that mentioned one of my keywords. I've noticed many dont make sense but I don't have the bandwidth to check each page. I was thinking of hiring a freelancer or 2 to go thru each link and find (or make) contact with the blog on my behalf. The goal being to...
  13. jiya raichand

    Best Way to check scraped content ?

    Hi all, Please suggest some tools to check scraped content. Help me with best way to check my website content because normal plagiarism tool showing 100% unique but i want to make sure that my website not having single scraped content. Thanks :)
  14. T

    The Paradox of Content Marketing to Beginners vs. Experts

    If you want your content to succeed, create something that appeals to potential amplifiers and potential customers. The below Rand Fishkin's post decodes the secret behind successful content and gives you the blueprint. If you are a content marketer or a creator, this is a must-read post...
  15. T

    How Stripe Grew $36B in 10 Years Using The Power of Content & Design Excellence

    2.2M monthly visits. 47M backlinks. A recent $36B valuation. These stats summarize Stripe’s 10 years of spectacular growth. The company is considered the “startup everyone loves” and that’s not a coincidence. Indeed, Stripe has a unique approach in creating content, building moats and...
  16. X

    Here's my content creation tech stack & process for cranking out high-quality content quickly - What are your favorite tools and processes?

    I'm always looking for new tools to improve my content marketing - I'm not a huge fan of staring at a blank page and trying to come up with full 500-2000+ word articles for my sites from scratch. I used to just go to Google and look at top competitors by typing "[niche] blog" and looking at...
  17. Vinyas Gowda

    Question to the content marketers.

    I would like to know people who are working in the field of content marketing (working for company or freelancing) how many articles do you guys write in a day? Is it one, two or how many? And what is the word count?
  18. VladislavRay

    [Case Study] Content marketing - 10 months of creating content

    I build my first website when I was 16. Back then, it was enough to spam your keyword in the content, and you would rank on the first page. 10 years later, the SEO game changed a lot. Now everyone is talking about backlinks and quality content. It's time to put this myth on a test and see...
  19. ThirstyForKnowledge

    How do i find which facebook pages shared a blogpost?

    When you see an article’s social share counts and it says 1,700 shares on Facebook, how do I find out which pages shared that content?
  20. evitaerc

    2 websites from $0/day to $200/day+ (because I hate Quarantine)

    This is the beginning of a journey post in which I will take 2 websites from $0/day to $200/day+. I have been trapped in one place during this quarantine and will probably remain here for another couple of months (min). I'm not a fan, which is what is pushing me to begin this journey. I hate...