content marketing

  1. Nasir_SEO

    Success in guest posting is all about sharing knowledge

    Success in guest posting is all about sharing knowledge and helping others. Let's keep it focused on your needs – ask me anything, and I'll provide advice and support
  2. Mindmade Technologies

    Relaying too much on AI!

    Hi Guyz, I Would Like to know about your thoughts on this, Relaying too much on AI Sounds like a Drawback or Mistake or something that is not right for me. And Do you think about it?
  3. Mindmade Technologies

    What are the best practices to make content for two different websites for a same shop?

    What are the best practices to make content for two different websites for a same shop? I mean the two different domains are in two different languages but they both are comes under the same business.
  4. Mindmade Technologies

    Ways to promote a Blog post?

    Hi, I like to know! What are the ways that you guys do to promote your Blog post? and Which is the most effective ways that you choose to promote Blog posts?
  5. J0E ♛ Premium Monthly Blog Writing Service ♛ [WE: RESEARCH + WRITE + POST ON YOUR WEBSITE] ⭐ As Low As $6.4/1000 Words ⭐

    To get a discount (if available), leave a comment and mention "DISCOUNT." SAMPLES are also available upon request.
  6. K

    Content Marketing Tip That Always Brings In Loyal Customers

    Over the years copywriters have been using a strategy that is still working today. This strategy makes your customer the hero of the story. Make the sale page about them, and paint a picture of their heroism in solving that problem with your product. Don't make the hero of the story you or your...
  7. sgsgsg2323

    Real Backlink Outreach Specialist Needed for Marketing Agency

    We're a marketing agency seeking an experienced Backlink Outreach Specialist to help us obtain real, high-quality backlinks for our website. We're looking for someone who understands the importance of ethical link-building practices and has a proven track record of success. Research and...
  8. Fahedawan

    Power of Topical Authority - Ranked without Backlinks

    These results are just with topical authority and Basic Clean On-page SEO. Let's see how you can do this. You have to cover the main topic thoroughly throughout the website. How do you find powerful topics that create topical authority? Step #1: Competitor Yes, you read it right. The one who...
  9. LaxmanKafle

    Content Platform / Digital Media StartUp - Better to FLIP ? How much ? $$

    Greetings, I have built a content site/platform on WordPress & around 1800+ posts. I have offers of guest posts/sponsorship posts like 10+ a day. traffic can be monetized. it's a kind of brand in the niche. what should I do? what do you guys suggest? website:
  10. O

    Content marketing tool for posting on selected websites everyday automatically

    Looking for a Content marketing tool that can post to 50-100 sites daily fresh news content. I would setup automation profiles for login/posting to be able to post on the daily without having to repeat the tedious tasks via a browser Let me know if you guys have any ideas. thanks
  11. C

    What do you use to train new writers in Semantic SEO?

    Do you have a document or PDF you send to new writers to teach them in semantic SEO principles? For example, Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR recommends that we write our articles in the following way: Using question-type sentences for all headings The queries used to investigate the topic should be...
  12. Jean550

    [HELP] How to create a redirect page?

    Hi guys, I hope everything is going well with you guys and had a great labor day. We have an e-commerce website, and only sell the shoes. Recently, we want to promote our products with the content, it's called content marketing. So, we want to create a single page as a redirect page where we can...
  13. Muneeb07

    Can Anyone Guide About The Best Link Building Strategy In 2022?

    Hey There BHW Family! Can Any SEO Expert Guide The Best Link Building Strategy In 2022!
  14. netcontentbiz

    Hello! I'm here to know all about the tips & tricks that can be used to rank a site!

    Well, the forum name suggests that there are people here who use Black Hat SEO regularly! Well, I'm here to understand how to do it without doing it :D The market is full of people who talk about achieving relevant reach within days. They have strategies, PPC pitches, and so much more. I'd like...
  15. PRExpert0826

    [JV] My Content Marketing + Your Facebook Media Partner Support Portal

    Hello, I am currently looking for a business partner who has access to the Facebook Media Partner Support Portal. If you have access to this tool, please contact me as soon as possible to discuss the terms of our collaboration. I am only interested in serious collaborations. This will be a...
  16. SEO Duke

    Linkedin Content Marketing

    Did anyone test linkedin content marketing? Is it possible to get client by content marketing in linkedin?
  17. leadsplanet

    Just wrote an article, how to market it?

    What are your ideas and tips for content marketing?
  18. sajal mahmud


    Order Link: Refund Policy: 1. We would only refund the total amount of the package if we failed to deliver the project on time duration. Please knock us for the coupon code Note: Anyone can get the sample before placing an...
  19. Nancy224

    Stylish Books to Ameliorate Writing for Marketing?

    Hi guys, I am relatively strong in terms of written and verbal English but I worry that that does n’t inescapably restate into effective jotting for marketing. I lately secured a dispatches part and I'm responsible for the written dispatches of my company. This includes dispatch marketing, web...
  20. P

    What is the best way to find new content for creation?

    This might not be the first time when someone asked for it, but I am just curious to know one question about content creation. Till this point the way i am creating content is getting more and more content around the keywords i.e. short tail and long tails, but that is what i think is good for...
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