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  1. VladislavRay

    [Case Study] Content marketing - 10 months of creating content

    I build my first website when I was 16. Back then, it was enough to spam your keyword in the content, and you would rank on the first page. 10 years later, the SEO game changed a lot. Now everyone is talking about backlinks and quality content. It's time to put this myth on a test and see...
  2. ThirstyForKnowledge

    How do i find which facebook pages shared a blogpost?

    When you see an article’s social share counts and it says 1,700 shares on Facebook, how do I find out which pages shared that content?
  3. evitaerc

    2 websites from $0/day to $200/day+ (because I hate Quarantine)

    This is the beginning of a journey post in which I will take 2 websites from $0/day to $200/day+. I have been trapped in one place during this quarantine and will probably remain here for another couple of months (min). I'm not a fan, which is what is pushing me to begin this journey. I hate...
  4. J

    Expired Content and Domain Expert Needed

    Hello BHW, We are looking for talented and content marketing savvy individuals to help us with a couple of our blogs. Its been a challenge to say the least to find people that are able do this but we are hoping to find someone on here can help us. :) We operate a couple adult oriented drop ship...
  5. vibedz

    [GET] FREE online course: Content Marketing Fundamentals

    Hi I just wanna share this Free Content Marketing from Semrush Thanks guys
  6. Pbonline

    has anyone used taboolah or outbrain for content marketing ? opinions?

    Hi all. I was going to start a content campaign on taboolah as iv frequently seen my competitors do it. Any of you have used it and is it worth it to drive traffic and conversions?
  7. darrell mcgillis

    new fella on the block

    How the hell are ya My name is Darrell McGillis aka Digital D just stumbled onto this place very cool well im here to get some knowledge from all you marketer. Im a local guy in my town and starting to go help business out right now with there marketing thru videos content seo so ya look...
  8. NabZ

    Content Marketing: Taboola VS Outbrain

    I'm quiet interested in content marketing for my blogging website. Its quiet new so I'm looking to drive some traffic to it. I've know taboola and outbrain for quiet some time, however, never got to use any of them. Does anyone has any experience with either of those platforms? has any one...
  9. T

    Content Marketing Personas: How to Reach Your Target Audience

    Writing for personas doesn’t work very well. And that’s not because it’s a bad idea, it’s simply because it’s rarely executed in a way that generates a useful outcome. Companies tend to give personas silly names. This makes them feel fictitious. Personas tend to reflect the average, not the...
  10. T

    How I Achieved 10,000 Keywords rankings under 2 months!

    Found this off an FB group wherein a guy started recently (almost 3 months back) and kept on working on it actively since the beginning of January as it took 1 month for the developer to build the website. About the Website: Age: 3 Months +- Niche: Gaming Total Posts: 130+ Average Daily...
  11. PudgeyPerfect


    Are you tired of cheap content that just doesn't get the job done? Have you spent a fortune on "professional writers" that just didn't deliver on what they promised? Or maybe you're just tired of spending long-hours finding the right content service? Throughout my career in IM, I've spent...
  12. Shubhankar Paranjape

    Content Marketing 101 Strategy

    Golden Nuggets #1: Acquire New Client within 24 hours using Mousetrap Source: Whatsapp...
  13. S

    Hi, Whatsup!

    Hello Folks, I am new to BHW, but not to Internet Marketing. I know BHW is a Good forum to explore more new things. Lets grow together!
  14. Hamza Hashim

    Do you know why content is king?

    Proved: Content is Everything... I know everyone must have heard this Content is King. Right!. I didn't know before that why content is said to be king. But since my interest came into digital marketing, I realized that content is not only the king but it is everything. If we talk about to be...
  15. armur

    Marketing Journey to 100 POD Orders a Day using the Green Streak Technique

    I'm an introvert. I have social anxiety. I'm a tech geek. Give me a coding assignment and I'll sit day and night to get it done. I just love it. However, ask me to market my skills and my social anxiety kicks in. I start getting self judgemental. I read these wonderful marketing/promotion...
  16. C

    Competitor Inner Page outranks my Exact Match Domain

    I have an exact match domain with branded keyword like A competitor has an innerpage like which outranks my homepage on position 1 while I have position 2 I have more links to my homepage than his entire site and also I have a verified GMB...
  17. raj5151

    Fighting against fake copyright claims in YouTube by Aiplex

    Here lot of success stories in this forum. They are useful to us to succeed in our IM carrier. On the other side we need to know about some serious issues, how this type of issue affect our IM carrier completely. I am online marketer and content creator, IM is my full time job. Two months before...
  18. P

    HOW TO LEARN AND PRACTICE Content Marketing?

    Hey! From where can I learn about CM for Sm/Blog/websites and practice it to brush up my skills and work ...! I hope I ve posted this in correct subforum, if not, MODS please shift it to the correct one
  19. hhmarketing

    Is free guest posting a good idea?

    In a bid to attract more backlinks to my client's Care App website, myself and the marketing team are thinking of offering free guest posting to the App/Tech sector. The blogs we create would be genuine, expert and original articles but would just contain a contextual link back to the client's...
  20. mzonas

    Best text to speech software?

    Hi, I hope this is the correct forum for this thread. What is, in your opinion, best text to speech software? I am not going to hire someone from Fiverr (although actual natural human reading might be better for marketing) to convert text to audio file. I know there are some software. It can...