1. KJREDDY247@

    What is the most effective marketing, sales, or SEO course that you have personally invested in to date?

    As mentioned in the title What is the most effective marketing, sales, or SEO course that you have personally invested in a date? (Or the blogs that you think we shouldn't miss...) Can you guys drop the best course names in your opinion? Happy Weekend :)
  2. tuliosousa25

    [SUGGESTION] Adult niche section

    Hello BHW I see that are plenty of people here in the adult niche, so nothing fairer than having its own section here. Where we can discuss and let a database for further searches with ease. Also, it will be good for the sellers, cause they can post things related and promote its services.
  3. KJREDDY247@

    How about a Keyword based search option in Conversations filter?

    Whenever I want to find an old conversation I need to scroll through all the pages of my conversation box, It gets very difficult whenever I forgot the person username ( which happens most of the times ) How about adding a keyword-based search option along with username? Anyone else in...
  4. A

    Whats The Impact?

    Whats The Impact? if there are duplicate meta descriptions in multiple pages does it has great impact on (on page seo)
  5. KJREDDY247@

    Best Way To Find and Remove any Malwares from Your PC

    How can we make sure our main machine doesn't get affected by any virus/malware? Any Suggestions? Which Anti Virus are you guys using on your machines? My Chrome browsers always get fucked up and get slow down ( But I still Love Chrome ;) )
  6. KJREDDY247@

    Best Cloud Storage Options...

    Can you guys suggest me the best cloud storage options I am looking for around 1tb minimum capacity options. Anyone ever used idrive and cheaper alternatives for this?
  7. VenomS

    Scrutinize my Keyword Research Method

    Hello Everyone, I am going to list the way I am doing keyword research for my upcoming site. I dont use any paid tools as I am just beginning in the path of ecommerce. Kindly help me clear the obstacles I am currently facing or recommend me any way to speed up the process. I know you guys dont...
  8. KJREDDY247@

    Can someone have a Look at my website

    I recently created a website on WordPress can someone please have a look at it and let me know what exactly am I doing wrong. I am not posting the link here, but if any WordPress expert interested spend a couple of minutes please leave a message or send me a DM, i will dm you my website link.
  9. hazzi

    Launching my first web hosting site

    im launching my first web hosting company through a reseller. You guys got any tips btw it will also have an affiliate program
  10. KJREDDY247@

    Suggestions on Hosting (Key domains and redirected Domains)

    I have all my website domains with 3 extensions, and what i am planning is i will host my websites with extensions from 1 service provider and I will host/keep remaining redirected URL'S, etc which i mainly use for emailing (with non-subscribers...
  11. Danny Crypto

    Which groupbuy seo tools provider you will suggest?

    I'm working on an e-commerce store and I want a lot of tools like Moz,ahrefs,semrush and a lot more so which one you will suggest? Let me know your suggestions.
  12. Danny Crypto

    Buying more domains of same brand name is beneficial?

    Hey, Is it still beneficial to have lot of domains which are redirecting to one website For an example :- xyz is my brand and I have so should I buy,, and other extensions. Is it beneficial for my .com for more online presence? Let me know what you guys think...


    HEY BWH FELLOS Am looking for a link exchange platform for Indian based sites. Please suggest me if any brother knows.
  14. hazzi

    Any tips on starting a smma

    Tips for starting a smma for the first time would be great for me and others .
  15. A

    I`m here to learn the tricks or partner with someone experienced in digital markting

    Hey guys, I`m from Azerbaijan. The country with 10 mln population out of which 8 mln people are the internet users. The highest penetration rate in the region (80.6%) I`m a businessman not a developer. I`v hired people and invested money into e-commerce platform and did it pretty successfully...
  16. hazzi

    Tips on YouTube channel

    I have a fortnite highlight channel were I reupload fortnite moments and have uploaded 39 videos all together but only have 420 views all together. What would be the best way to promote my channel.I already tried reddit but only had 1 video get 300 views and have a Instagram with 280 followers.
  17. Danny Crypto

    How to get a job in Digital Marketing field?

    I've been working from a year as an affiliate marketer and I got some tricks via which I'm able to make at least $200-250 a week. So I was thinking that let's make this digital marketing field as your career now because that will give real-time scenarios by which I'll be able to learn and will...
  18. D

    Cash network !

    Does anyone here work for cash network ? If yes then i want your referrals
  19. D

    Cpa + Instagram

    Hello bhw ! I need your help i have started instagram account which is I'm promoting my cpa offers. Can anyone please tell me about how to promote my cpa link in my bio because it usually bans your account if you put cpa link on yourt bio. Thanks
  20. Kalinic

    [POLL] Logo advice needed

    Hi fellas, One friend asked me to design a logo for his new restaurant & sports bar "22" so I would love to hear your opinion on these four designs. Which color would you choose? Also, if you have some other suggestions (besides color) don't hesitate to share them below. Thanks
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