1. Savvy Rose

    Not happy with my job

    Right now I'm working as a data analyst in a insurance industry and not at all happy with it for part time at home after work I'm working on some methods from bhw and yes I got some success but not so good enough that I can leave my pathetic job. I have a good skill of excel and little bit of...
  2. J

    I'm new on Adult CPA any help for me

    Tittle says everything I'm new on CPA any private suggestions for good traffic ? I'm using kik and snapchat for traffic but it's bad I think. I'm using Adverten first day I got 41 hits 1 lead = $2.10 . Second day 132 hits 4 leads = $3.81.
  3. Danny Crypto

    [Keywords] How to get best answers for your question ?

    I'm asking out some questions on BHW but not getting a good response. Please let me know : - - writing - keywords If it's keywords then anyone is there who can make me learn about it. I really wan't some answers to my questions as soon as possible. Comment down below ! Thanks.
  4. Danny Crypto

    [Service Creation] How to increase likes and views on Youtube.

    Just having a little bit knowledge about it, forgive me If I'm wrong and let me know the correct way. Output A service which can be used to increase the views and likes on youtube videos. Input [What I know] - Python and Javascript ! - access tokens (for the users which I'll use to create...
  5. Danny Crypto

    Want to buy Multiple Domains suggest me some websites

    I'm not happy with godaddy what else websites you will suggest me to but domains and which are super easy and super fast to redirect it to some other website. Also not happy with bigrock ! suggest some nice websites with good offers
  6. AffPub

    Please Suggest me some Gaming network

    Hello guys, Please suggest me some gaming network. Thanks
  7. Danny Crypto

    CrakRevenue - Which mode of payment ?

    Hey BHW'ers, I want to know which mode of payment you people will suggest me from CrakRevenue options are :- - Paxum - Wire - Check (Cheque) Reply asap and share your stories of payout too.
  8. W

    How to start a blogging website?

    I want to start a blogging website.But can't understand where to start it. Anybody else there who suggests me? Thanks in advance.
  9. F


    Guys do you know any quick methods to get free bitcoins online? Like could you suggest me a legit website I can use?
  10. N

    Suggest me some MCN which allow copyright content

    Hello members, I need a help. I have a channel. Contents are copyright content but there is not view restriction. I can't join Adsense so I want to join MCN. Please suggest me some MCN those are trustworthy and give a smart amount of payment. Thanks in advance.
  11. Danny Crypto

    Help me with this idea :-

    Creating a website posting original content on it. It will be related to real life examples of mine and motivation and never give up kind of website. I am thinking to have a section of workout or gymfreaks also in the website because I love working out and I want it badly now. So my question...
  12. gman777

    Make homepage customizable

    For example, when I go to the homepage(as I got used to), I get various threads from SEO, PPC to Instagram, but the worst of the worst(regarding the productivity of course) is the lounge. "If you don't like it, simply don't click it." The thing is that the I've got magnetized to click on it...
  13. Unvirginator

    Looking for Content/copyright

    hi all, can you suggest me anyone that writtes quality content for adsense blog related to tech ? i know we have a content/copyright section here on BHW but i don't trust everyone and with adsense there is no room for jokes . even spinned content passes copyscape i would appreciate suggesting...
  14. hegstone05

    Hi BHW, I'm a newbie who is a bit confused

    Hi BHW, I'm a newbie who is a bit confused :( Can you guys suggest which forums should I look into in blackhat world inorder to make some bucks. That'd be great! Ok then, GOD BLESS BHW!!!!!
  15. Powefull Army

    Need your suggestion

    am outstanding of usa,so can i create a slickdeals or hotukdeals or any other deals site account?
  16. !nj3ct3d

    Instagram Script Suggestion

    Suggest any Instagram script and ill do it if its possible.
  17. kodewhizz

    Photo cropping site

    Hello folks.So i was thinking of making a photo cropping website ( I know there are a plenty already) where users can upload their photos,crop them,then save them to pc or share to social networks.I have the perfect domain name for it.(very very unique). In the first week i'll work on the...
  18. S

    [suggest]starting a viral content website

    Hey guys.i am arslan 16 years old dumb student :D i ve learn alot about making money online and i realize starting your own website is best choice.i ve purchased domain hosting.i am thinking to start a website for viral content . I ll post reviews [movies etc]...
  19. D

    Social Media Panel

    Can you suggest me good social media panel with cheap rates? Cheers!
  20. Captain Midnight

    GSuggest PHP CLI Script

    I munged together a php program to rotate through a list of proxy servers and hit Google Suggest for results based on a keyword. For example: # php gs.php tools tools tools of the trade tools plus tools for sale tools of the mind tools and toys tools4cheap tools independence mo toolsnow tools...
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