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Mar 18, 2016
Hi fellas,

One friend asked me to design a logo for his new restaurant & sports bar "22" so I would love to hear your opinion on these four designs. Which color would you choose? Also, if you have some other suggestions (besides color) don't hesitate to share them below.


Go for the colors in the Mc Donald's logo, they induce hunger(Google it!)
It depends. I like all of them. Have different variations on hover for example ;)
Honestly though, the logo makes me think its just a bar, not a restaurant & bar, just my 2 cents

Yeah, I agree. Mainly it is planed as sports bar, that will be his "primary service" but he will also serve some restaurant food so he asked me to add "restaurant" to the logo as well. But yes, I agree :)
Well, I actually don't like color palette. Can you try some other charming color unless you are doing interior design in a retro theme? These logos seriously looks like $5 Fiverr logo.
Thank you guys for your suggestions, in the end he changed his mind, decided he wants 2 colors logo so we came up with this:

This is probably the final design or maybe we will remove "restaurant" from logo, still to be decided :)
I like the brighter colors for this type of business. Sports uniforms are colorful and exciting so I'd pick something like that. As long as your client is happy it's all good.
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