1. A

    Hello everyone. looking for a side hustle!!!!!!

    Hello everyone , I'm a new user in BHW and i'm really happy to join it because i discovered a lot of things that i didn't found it in any platform , I'm a 19 years old student i'm always searching about making money methods but i didn't find one that suits me so please guys i need your help. i'm...
  2. L

    Make money with your scientific work

    This method is perfect for students or former students. I have noticed that some students sell their theses and earn some extra money with little effort. A friend of mine who went to the same university as me sold his master thesis shortly after graduation. The topic of his master thesis was...
  3. lilkrito

    Easy & Fast Skill To Learn In The End Of 2022

    Hi BHW Community In 2022 there's a lot of demanding skills have popped up and had great value, so I'm asking for a skill to start learning in the coming 2-3 months or less so that I can be hired in these 3 months or less. This skill could make me from 300-500$ a month, and don't take much...
  4. monty666

    Hi. Teach Me please!

    Hey im new here. I just got into ecommerce. A few months ago. I own a website, , we sell mushroom spores and i am not a developer or a marketing expert . im here to hopefully learn the real ins and outs of online business management. Merry christmas! Mush love!
  5. D

    How to make money to pay off student debts

    Hello, My name is Dragoljub and i am from Serbia (Eastern Europe). I heard about BH few months ago, and i registered as a new member to seek for help and advice. I am currently working for about 250 euros a month (280 US dollars) and in the same time going to college. I dont have enough...
  6. R

    Dropshipping as minor

    Hi. I live in Italy and I am a student. I want to start a dropshipping business because I need money to pay my music lessons. I am a minor, and in Italy I can't open a business as minor. Is there anyone can help me? I can help with your work and, if you want, we can create our business.
  7. T

    [HELP] How to monetize a small email list of students

    First post on bhw, still lurking about in this forum I have a small email list of about 700 students how can I monetize it?
  8. SeoProMatt

    [My Motivation] The Monster Waiting for Me After Graduation

    I've always hated the 9-5. I don't mind working my ass off. But going to the same place at the same time every day and doing the same thing does not seem like living to me. I'm 20 right now, going to graduate college in 6 months give or take (May 3rd, 2019) and am terrified of the life that...
  9. Cryptology

    Student journey, goal is 10$/day on Instagram

    Hey everyone! :D Even though I'm kind of "new" on here, I've been reading for the fast few months and I learnt a lot. As a (broken) student in communication field (master's degree), I decided to take advantage of my knowledges and skills acquired during university and my little experience to...
  10. P

    Help me sell student leads to Colleges

    I have a connection with thousands of students visiting their site to find information about graduate and master program. It is a combination of domestic and international students who are searching for graduate programs (Masters/MBA). These are very qualified leads with phone numbers, emails...
  11. -Largo-

    Student Girls 24 yo from Science po

    Master's of philosophy politics Europe, Middle East and Africa region spécialisation with certification English / Grerman / Arabes. ==> Memoire of master 2 Im in a real Parisienne fashion mode. (Mod edit: you can't sell outside of the marketplace)
  12. Narcisse

    Hello guys, I am Narcisse.

    Duh, a French name. I'm not French. The name's just a character from a TV Show 'Reign'. I'm actually a teenager from Pakistan. And yes, like most members here, I have a desire to make money. As well as a gazillion other goals, which I will probably mention some of from time to time. But I'm...
  13. mattfinely

    Get a 50% off Spotify Student account

    The recent edu. trick inspired me so I wanted to share a little trick I figured out. Spotify has a student discount giving you the ads free premium version for only 4.99 instead of 9.99. Having an EDU account won't help with this because they use a company called SheerID. SheerID has a...
  14. Cheat

    17 Year Old's Journey To $XXX A Day Through Instagram!

    Hello BHW! :) I have been a long time lurker but have finally decided to post my own journey. Now I have already started this journey over a week ago so I could get all of the boring stuff out of the way and see if this method was really something I could commit to. I didn't want to write a...
  15. Judith Mcbaine

    Hey, from: a college kid

    Hey! My name is actually Myles, not Judith - it's just a name I chose forever ago and decided to stick with it. I'm super interested in academics, particularly politics, ethnic studies, religion, history, and genealogy - but this past year I've also become obsessed with the internet. I love...
  16. ChangeMentality

    Student on journey for better life

    Hopefully long journey to better life. ABOUT ME: I am a student and a programmer in 20's and I'm online more than half of my usual day. I am constantly finding and making small scripts and bots that automate my every day tasks and make my life easier. I love coding and sharing. I've been on...
  17. powerpuffgirls

    Journal : ZERO to HERO

    ​​Hi Everyone, I'm new, I'm broke. I been struggling to find a job for past half a year with my masters degree. I am at my lowest point of my life compared to all the years before 2015, but its all about perseverance & doing something about it each time you get the rejection letter from a...
  18. A

    I'm a college student and beginner. Need advice

    Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing well. I am a 19 year old college student about to start my sophomore year. I have been interested in SEO and have been studying it for the past year but have not actually put anything I learned to the test yet. I have been wanting to do SEO and probably make...
  19. ephman

    [METHOD] Make $65 within 20 minutes. Bank more as you proceed. Must have .EDU email ID.

    If you don't have .edu ID, create one. See comments below on how to. And before you start jumping, note that this method became viral yesterday on Reddit. (view it here) is a place where you get money for solving interesting real-world problems. (No need to solve. Just propose...
  20. Z

    Hello everyone. I am new here, have some different questions

    Hello everyone, i am new to BHW just registered today. i have many questions regarding different things so, i dont know where to ask this questions so please if this is the wrong place move this thread to the right section. ok, so lets start. 1- Well, i want to learn to create a facebook app...
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