1. JalinFree

    [10 Best]Social Media Management Applications

    Hootsuite Buffer TweetDeck SocialOomph SpredFast SocialFlow Sprout Social Everypost Tailwind Use These Tools to Promote Content and Manage Engagement
  2. L

    Squidoo links are no follow now :(

    Hey guys this may be old news to some of you but squidoo has decided to nofollow all their outbound links! I noticed that hub pages users are complaining about serious loss in traffic (hit hard by google update most likely) so I reckon hub pages will follow suit...... No point in wasting any...
  3. Y

    Been doing IM for 9 years! Only up $4000...

    I have been on this site for a long time, but been inactive for a while... So when I came back, I thought I should share my story :p I have not had to much success, I have been trying since I was 13 years old. and now I am 22... I have made around $4000 so far... On Clickbank, Squidoo, Adsense...
  4. mandude

    MANUAL Quality Squidoo, Hubpages/web2.0s

    I need someone experienced to create high quality squidoo lenses, Hub Pages, Tumbler etc etc. I will provide the content if necessary, but if you write the content that is a huge plus and better chance of getting hired. (But no crappy Indian writers or whatever low quality). This is a long...
  5. T

    Hubpages for Link Building

    Following the new Panda updates, is Hubpages still a viable way to build links to your site? Also, are these links that it builds to your site going to be okay with Google's ensuing updates?
  6. Piratematerial

    [Method] Painstakingly Slow and Disgustingly Honest Method of Making little Money Sure

    This is meant for people who are mainly good at writing, are broke(no money to invest) and want to build up a long term sustainable income. About six months ago I made a drastic career switch. I chose to get into IM and I joined Blackhatworld. I knew nothing and was broke. This month I will...
  7. T

    Squidoo tips

    Squidoo is a great site for writing articles and it could be rewarding as well but the only problem is that you think you are not making enough money on it and I'll show you how that could be changed. You all know how Squidoo pays and that is by Google Adsense as to which they only pay if you...
  8. B

    If You Care About PR - Sculpt with Squidoo

    Squidoo is well known even outside of the SEO community, and it is also one the most trafficked/highest PR sites on the internet. On top of these two factors anyone can go sign up to start making lenses. So now to the point, some people are very concerned with PR, and ask all sorts of questions...
  9. umerjutt00

    Need help with Squidoo Sidebar Widget

    I have just reached level 6 on Squidoo and now I have access to sidebar widgets but I do not know how to add the sidebar widget. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. M

    What is wrong with Squidoo???

  11. C

    Make Squidoo show URL instead of category?

    Hello there! Do you know how can I make Squidoo show the URL in Big G? right now it shows the category like this: www.squidoo.com ? Internet ? Internet Safety & Security. Thanks!
  12. Hinkys

    [METHOD] AUTOPILOT Business | Squidoo, PPD & Flipping | TWIST INSIDE

    Hello BHW I just have a lot of ideas through the day and I can't do them all so I figured I'd share some of them here here. There are many squidoo money making ideas on this forum but this one has a twist and can be automated with little to no investment and it will start bringing you some...
  13. puneetas3

    How to build backlinks to Squido Lens and Yahoo Voices Articleto increase PR

    I have got a Squidoo lens and a Yahoo Voice article that links to my product site. I checked yesterday that both these are having PR 1. I am looking out for an advice on what sort of linking (whitehat) can be done to these to eventually increase their PR in long term. Also would web 2.0 links...
  14. R4Z0rA07

    [GET] iMacros Script to Increase Squidoo Points and Levels

    Hello BHW, This is my first thread in this Forum. Here I am sharing a script I found online. Its an iMacros script which browses the Squidoo lenses and gives them a Squidoo Like. As you know for every squidoo like you give, You get 2 Points. I used this script for a day to gain 8200+ Points...
  15. T

    How to let google idex for Squidoo len?

    I built some lens on Squidoo to get backlinks for my site. After built lens, I bookmarked and built backlinks for them...But after few months Google still index these lens. Why? And what I have to do?
  16. asi_av

    Any Giant Squid here? need your...

    SquidLiked - please... pm me tnx
  17. Zemanel_

    Squidoo and fake traffic

    I was wondering if I bought traffic to some squidoo lens if there would be problems, I was thinking about 2k visits a day, do you think it would raise some flags? Will I get in trouble by doing that, has anyone tried? Any sort of feedback is appreciated, thanks!
  18. seoguy81

    Feels good to get one competition out of the way

    Since the past few weeks i've been closely monitoring my on page seo as well as spending time on competitor's links as well. For a few particularly high volume search term, a Squidoo lens happened to take the top spot. After doing SB blasts, article spinning/submissions I decided to create my...
  19. S


    Is anyone making money getting on squidoo? I just finished reading an ebook about this site and you can do a lot of things with this site here. I will be doing an ebook and share it with you guys on my ideas on how you can make money with it.
  20. JackSparrow

    My Method For Profiting With Squidoo Pages

    This is the first time of posting in the Make Money section, and im shitting my underpants. :D I am going to give everyone a bit of method here i'm currently using with some success to earn dollars using amazon with Squidoo pages and getting page popularity in Squidoo rankings as well...
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