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    Squidoo is a great site for writing articles and it could be rewarding as well but the only problem is that you think you are not making enough money on it and I'll show you how that could be changed. You all know how Squidoo pays and that is by Google Adsense as to which they only pay if you are ranked high. I'm going to show you how to use affiliate links to bring your sales up. Here is what you need:

    • Squidoo lens
    • CJ account
    • ClickBank account
    • Quality articles

    One of my lens has some affiliate links and banners on it to promote products so I may earn commission from it making me a ton load of money. I have banners under each article to stop the readers getting distracted from the actual content, also the reason it is good to put banners at the bottom of each article is to grab the readers attention since they have to scroll past it.
    Also one of the articles itself is promoting a product and that is GoDaddy. If you scroll down to the GoDaddy section, it is talking about the good things about the product and at the bottom of it, it shows a banner to the site which makes it compulsory to click on it to see for yourself if you know what I mean. This could double your chances of making a sale.

    Also you could promote ClickBank products on the lens so you could make additional cash from the lens, this is good since you make about 40%-75% of the product meaning you could good money big time.