1. R

    So I contacted a CB Vendor...

    I contacted a vendor for a review copy in order to promote the product. It's a make money online product so I want to make sure it's not crap. I don't want refunds storming into my account after promoting a product. I emailed last month, no reply. Then I emailed again 6 days ago and still no...
  2. MehtaM

    What kind of email content strategy should I follow to promote ClickBank products?

    Looking to collect emails from social media platform and promote ClickBank products through email marketing. I've seen few videos where they provide basic guideline of 5-7 email sequence. But I'm looking for content strategy for higher conversion rate and longevity of subscriber even if they...
  3. L

    I need help in maxbounty

    when i try to register on last step when i click submit this error comes Cannot read property '0' of undefined can some one please tell me how to fix this error or any kind person who can give me maxbounty please Thank You
  4. S

    The easiest way to start with Google Ads affiliate ads

    So, guys here is the method: - Register on ClickBank or Digistore24 - Choose the most popular products that get high traffic volume on Google - Create a review website with a separate page for each product, place your affiliate link in each button - Run ads using just names of your products as...
  5. Outc@st

    Question About Cickbank Low Sale Volume...

    I'm currently promoting two similar Clickbank products. Here are my current stats for the offers: Offer 1: 74 hops, 17 order form impressions, and one sale. Offer 2: 63 hops, 8 order form impressions, and one sale. Do you think I should be getting more sales with these stats? I think the...
  6. Outc@st

    Bing Ads & Clickbank Update

    Over the last few weeks I have been promoting digital Clickbank products via PPC. I experimented both with direct linking and by creating simple bridge pages. I have not yet gotten into email marketing... So far I spent $350 and I have not yet made a sale. I may have not gotten a sale yet, but...
  7. G

    best clickbank products

    What are the best products to promote and not have a bad reputation?
  8. Sproxa

    No conversions

    I got a total of 130 hops from Reddit on two different products but 0 conversions is this normal or am I doing something wrong?
  9. Conjecting

    Reddit is getting smarter…

    I swear, these neckbeard Reddit mods never fail to piss me off. I made a fresh account intending to promote a particular Clickbank product… Joined a relevant subreddit and start providing value commenting on hot posts WITHOUT EVEN ADDING ANY LINKS… Every comment I was making was quickly...
  10. Conjecting

    Is this against Clickbank’s rules?

    I want to buy a domain, and direct link the hoplink to the domain. Basically just a redirect to the offer. I haven’t done much with Clickbank before, and want to know if this is inefficient/against the rules. In the past, I’ve only direct-linked hoplinks to text in emails with a fair amount of...
  11. redditmeta

    Unable to create clickbank account In Singapore.

    Unable to create a new clickbank account in Singapore. Is anyone facing the same issue? May I know why I am unable to create the account? Is possible to create a new account? Any suggestion?
  12. Castle770

    500k uk numbers and emails

    Hii there, This is a correction to my previous post i.e. Whichever xlsx doc I opened in my phone It's ending serial number was around 65k so I thought I should open it in excel. To my surprise there were 500k number ...
  13. lalaji

    [Journey] My Way To $50/Day With Native Ads

    This is my first post on this forum and its inspired by Harnurs journey posts. I have been doing affiliate marketing from 2019 and tried various things . From July 2020, I got started with Native Ads and tried a lot of things with it also tried push ads in the way as well. I have promoted a lot...
  14. laminbk

    Clickbank Sales - Can a Vendor Steal Commissions?

    Please i need help first day after launching my campaign: 60 hops > 3 sales next 3 days : 1170 hops > no sales same campaign same traffic source i literally chocked Any insights please, would be much appreciated.
  15. F

    Social media vs website SEO , which one are better for Affiliate marketing?

    Currently want to start an affiliate marketing campaign via content marketing. But I had a hard time choosing which platform will be more suitable which is either social media (TikTok or ig) or SEO. Which one do you think had a better organic reach? because I heard SEO is slow plus crazy...
  16. shafideaf

    Need Create Clickbank Review or Clickbank sale page Design?

    Hey, I have domain name and hosting and i need Need Create Clickbank Review or Clickbank sale page Design?
  17. seo express

    Looking for clickbank methods

    Hello, I am a newbie in digital marketing and I am interested in learning clickbank marketing. Is there some method on this platfrom from which I can earn my first $$$ and scale it upto 1000$ per month. If there is any please help me then. Thanks
  18. D

    How can I see the VSL of Clickbank's best selling products? So I can make a copy similar to the ones that sell the most? weight loss niche Other than

    Como posso ver o VSL dos produtos mais vendidos do Clickbank? Para que eu possa fazer uma cópia parecida com as que mais vendem? nicho de emagrecimento Além da página de afiliados
  19. J

    Has anyone found success with promoting Clickbank products [high ticket ($100+ average)] on Youtube Shorts?

    As the title suggests, has anyone found any success with promoting clickbank products on youtube shorts? I get around 20k views a day, and have started 2 days back. I am creating shorts related to weight loss and am creating videos with proper CTA to check description, where I am promoting...
  20. Gebb

    Best place for affiliate links into a subreddit

    I'm growing some subreddits on my own and already found some relevant affiliate offert that could eventually fit in those, but I'm unsure about how/where to place them (I don't use the affiliate links directly but I do a Redirect 301 with a domain that I've bought just for that purpose). I've...