1. M

    Clickbank affiliate here, feeling a little lost

    Hey guys, Clickbank affiliate with fb ads here. I have been a clickbank affiliate for 1.5 years now. I have been able to make some profit the last 5 months. Arround 20 to 30k. But lately a i feel like something is worng. Either Facebook is sending shit traffic (i know Facebook is in a rough...
  2. D

    Can I rank the site within 30 days with only keywords and no backlinks?

    I was wondering if it is possible to do that without any investment. Well, I don't count paying for domain and KW research tool. I never did SEO but I always want to do it I’ve read that it can take 6 months to rank a website and also, it requires some backlinks... Let's say that I found...
  3. maltiya

    Request not allowed due to WAF block.

    Hey guys, Today I tried to login to the clickbank account but getting an error massage "Request not allowed due to WAF block." What exactly that mean.?. Thanks in advance!
  4. C

    Suggestion for E-Commerce platform like clickbank, digistore…

    Do you know an e-commerce platform and vendor/seller and affiliate marketplace that serves as an intermediary between the end customer, product owner, and affiliate marketer, for the sale of digital products, where payments and withdrawals can be made with crypto, and where the vendor/seller...
  5. ggaffiliate

    Lets exchange knowledge and make money!

    What's up, black hats? I've been working in marketing since 2017 and have ventured into many areas, the main ones being encapsulation production and dropshipping. This year I'm focusing on clickbank affiliates. If you have experience or already work as an affiliate, let's exchange some...
  6. Pikerones

    Where to move from ClickBank?

    I've been selling ClickBank products for years but want to move to a better network. I mostly promote weight loss products. Has anyone moved from ClickBank to another network in this niche and experienced a significant improvement in EPC (Earnings Per Click)?
  7. Pollytoast

    Oversaturated? Clickbank, Warrior Plus? Any alternatives?

    Hi, I have been out of affiliate marketing for quite some time and trying to get back into it by promoting MMO to start with using paid ads going to a squeeze page - landing page then the sales page. I keep reading though that Clickbank and Warrior Plus products no longer sell and paying for...
  8. Adsexpert

    Google Ads Conversion Tracking for Affiliate Marketing

    Hi all, How can you decide conversion value on Google Ads? For example, you promote $100 CPA offer. You can write $100 for every conversion on the Google Ads side but not everyone who clicks the affiliate link buys product. So clicking the affiliate link will show you get $100 on Google Ads...
  9. Adsexpert

    Google ads and Clickbank

    hello, the CPC for Google Ads in affiliate networks like clickbank seems to be very high. CPC seems to be around 3-4 Dollars. Is there any way to lower this? How do you make profit
  10. Adsexpert

    Google Ads CPC for Nutra Niche

    hello, the CPC for Google Ads in affiliate networks like clickbank seems to be very high. CPC seems to be around 3-4 Dollars. Is there any way to lower this? How do you make profit
  11. T

    Paychecks ClickBank - Is my Payment Net Balance at risk of being lost?

    I forgot to set up my payment information previously, and ClickBank has been automatically making payments to me every two weeks. However, the payment status is 'PAYMENT METHOD MISSING'. Is my money at risk of being lost? And how can I check the total commission not yet paid in my account...
  12. D

    What is the minimum amount of upvotes a reddit post needs for the average redditor to consider the post credible?

    I am using a reddit post I made to drive traffic to my affiliate marketing blog. I am using a bot to upvote the post so it seems more credible when I mass DM the post to people on reddit. How many upvotes should I have so the post seems credible? It is at about 100 upvotes as of right now.
  13. D

    Reddit bot for affiliate marketing - upvoting issues

    Currently using a reddit bot for affiliate marketing, the bot is working fine, the issue I am having though is that when I run the bot none of the upvotes are counting. At first I thought the issue could be that reddit realizes it is a bot trying to upvote these comments, so it does not count...
  14. P

    Has any hero run this product yet? - - (Back to Life)

    Hello heroes, Has anyone tried this product yet? - - (Back to Life) Please give me more information, I can't get hopink from it.
  15. S

    How can i make my money double by email lists

    Hey. I am a cpa marketer, i am doing email marketing to promote cpa offers. but i think it's not enough. because i have so much USA MALE email active data. so maybe i can promote affiliate offers through my lists. But i don't understand that which niche will work and where i got these offers...
  16. Born_Loard

    ClickBank blocked my country - Need Registration help

    Hi all, I need to create a ClickBank account. but my country the Sri Lanka, is not available in the registration form. Sri Lanka is blocked on ClickBank. If I create an account using a premium VPN and a virtual USA number will my account be safe? Has anyone tried this and had success without...
  17. T

    How do i add pinterest tag to clickbank so it tracks the sales

    I know there's no direct integration between CB and pinterest but is there any other way to actually connect them? i want to track where the sales are coming from. Suggest me some ways Thank you
  18. T

    Has Anyone Tried Pinterest ads for Clickbank products? If yes, what's your experience with it and did you find it to be profitable?

    Thinking of starting pinterest ads for clickbank as they are relatively cheaper than google and FB
  19. sscaz

    Scaz's Books Affiliate Program | 50% Commissions | Special Guides on How to Promote Them

    - 50% Commissions - 120-Day Cookies - Monthly Payouts on PayPal Two Books that the affiliate program is for: Automatic Cash Cow AutoPilot Freelancing You can Register for the Affiliate Program and Check out the Guides on How to Advertise by Clicking on this text. Contact Details: Discord...
  20. jonessaha

    Google Threshold 350$

    Hello Guys Hope you all doing good can you please suggest me whats to promote on google ads threshold accounts - already tested clickbank products (too many suspend...) thank you for help
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