commission junction

  1. X

    How are sales with CJ lately

    How are your CJ sales lately? I managed to double my organic traffic and that resulted in half less sales. No idea if the problem is with their system or it's just a period. One more thing I noticed is that their API is very slow, almost not-responding to requests. What are your recent experiences?
  2. tazarbm

    Recommend me electronics affiliate network

    Hi, What options do I have for affiliate commissions in the electronics niche? More specifically in the VR / AR niche I don't work with amazon anymore, and Share-a-sale vendors have neither approved, or rejected my application for months. So I don't want to work with that network anymore...
  3. DGhubSEO

    What is next for me? hmm

    Hello guys, Im into affiliate marketing. im done with my website and have quite a number of articles in it however i am currently stuck at SEO. Can anybody help me out? My questions : What should i do next? social signal? backlinks? how? which method? so confused I really think i need to...
  4. M

    Is it ok to copy and paste "Deep Link" of any page in website ?

    I have a Website & also CJ ( Community Junction ) approved. 1. Can I copy "Deep Link" any page and post into my Website ? 2. Will it be any bad affect for google ranking ?
  5. BrotherSlug

    Affiliate Marketing. Here's everything I'm doing. What else should I do?

    Hey Everyone, Started an affiliate site as a side project a few months ago and I've been learning a lot. I've see a decent bit of success, but I'm honestly just trying a ton of different things to see what sticks. Really just looking for advice on any untapped areas that I should be focusing...
  6. V

    How to place ad on blogger with cj banner ads

    I recently made account on commission junction i have a blog with less than 100 views a day but i'm having hard time placing the ads on the right side the presented code places it inside the actual content i write which is not presentable to look at.
  7. M

    Looking for a cj account with godaddy affiliate

    Hello I'm looking for a CJ.Com account with Godaddy affiliate on it. I will pay for the account and share my black hat method ( in private ) with you too for free. Thank you
  8. felixmontez

    [50% OFF] Coupon code - Promote 10000+ Products on Facebook

  9. M

    General info about Affiliate programs wanted

    Hey guys, I'd like to delete this thread, i think i was way too vague, so didn't get responses. Thanks
  10. A

    How to get approved by Commission Junction without famous Website

    I think Commission Junction looks for famous website before approving someone on their network. So I want to know that how can one get approval from them without a famous website.
  11. aafable

    CJ has PPC option?

    Hey guys. I was just wondering if you guys know if CJ has a ppc option? I'm not doing a very good job promoting their services, so I haven't gotten any signups at all! Please help. :) Thanks!:o
  12. D

    $400/month success with CJ [10-40% Commision w/GoDaddy]

    Hey guys! Below is my current method for making money with Commission Junction. I'm currently partnered with GoDaddy allowing me 10% on all sales with existing customers, and 40% with all new customers. If you don't know about Domain names that much, it's best you go learn about them and how...
  13. B

    Is commission Junction allow social media marketing

    I want to work with Commission Junction, but confused about their promotional terms, is commission junction allow social media marketing (facebook, twitter etc). Note: I am not sharing their product directly, just want to know they accept social traffic or not? Thanks
  14. imadbenaicha

    serious question! and please I need a clear answer

    I am a publisher for many affiliate store programs (CJ +...ext), in some cases I earn a flat amount for every sale I made. Can I ask poeple to make Incentivise sales by skype or elance. after that I send them the cash via paypal. is this method make my account banned?
  15. N

    My account was closed in Commission Junction

    I am working on CommissionJunction.. and My account was closed in cj They sent me this letter: "This letter shall serve as notice that your publisher account has been terminated and removed from the CJ platform and transactions may be reversed ("charged-back"). This termination and removal is...
  16. harshmarsh

    Is it legal to buy Commission Junction or other affiliate network accounts?

    Hello Everbody, I have started affiliate marketing. But found that companies are not approving my website quick for marketing.. Is it legal that I can buy Old account from somebody? If yes then where can I buy those? If its not legal. How to get approve those sites quick. I am writing product...
  17. Dragon2010

    datafeed wordpress plugin - shareasale and CJ

    I am looking for a plugin/way of adding affiliate products from CJ and shareasale into my wordpress affiliate blog/store. What plugins work with the latest versions of wordpress. Thanks.
  18. T

    Confuse to work with CJ

    Hallo members, 'm new for CJ. Actually my friend successfully running with CJ and generate too. Today only i join CJ and make sure planning to promote coupons. Is this good for revenue generate for me? And which one most search coupons ? Let me know your thoughts..
  19. R

    First Click Bank Earnings! Anyone can do it!

    Hello BHW! My name is Rich, I have been bottom feeding on these forums as well as Warrior Forum; Taking in valuable information on the way. I started IM about a year ago and always knew there was potential to make money even tough it can be very daunting. I started small at Ad Work Media...
  20. E

    i need some wordpress blackhat tools. please help

    hi i am an absolute newbie. i learned something by visiting this forum. i want to use commission junction with wordpress. what are the different strategies and plugins i can use to improve my website. i want your help personally i hate pay per call. i got some good products in some niche such as...
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