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If You Care About PR - Sculpt with Squidoo

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by bizarre, Dec 13, 2012.

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    Sep 28, 2012
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    Squidoo is well known even outside of the SEO community, and it is also one the most trafficked/highest PR sites on the internet. On top of these two factors anyone can go sign up to start making lenses.

    So now to the point, some people are very concerned with PR, and ask all sorts of questions that I find a little silly but can also be solved pretty easily with squidoo PR sculpting. I find squidoo only moderately effective for keyword gains these days, but do like it for general authority building/I find it kinda fun.


    1. Don't spam, in this case its a waste of time. Squidoo moderates all the lenses aggressively and the members report spam with zeal. This also applies to blasting your lens, squidoo will ban you for that VERY quickly. You can do some spamy linking like directories, article directories even some topical comments - but a large blast will get that lens shut down.

    2. Plan on building at least 5 lenes using at least 400 words on each, fill out the lenses with amazon modules (they raise squidoo rank) and make sure you get your lens to at least 91% complete.

    3. Comment on other peoples squidoo every day to generate squid likes on your own lenses until you have at least 5, in fact squid like lenses you like for the same reason. (This also creates internal squidoo links to your profile and thus your lenses)

    4. Use tags that are long tail search phrases, (traffic increases squidoo rank)

    5. Comment and squid like on powerful squids lenses so they visit you and return the favor with a much large benefit to you.

    6. For temporary boost in squid rank, link collidor can send some traffic to boost your rank if you are about to be pushed above the fold internally on squidoo

    7. Inter-link all your lenses

    8. Set up another squidoo account with 1 or so lens to squid like all your lenses on your other account and feature lenses in its profile

    Please post any squidoo tips you guys do, I enjoy squidoo (I dont make money on it, I don't go after commercial terms - if you want to make money go after TRENDING commercial terms). I just sorta like squidoos and it keeps me engaged in my niche. On PR updates my new lenses typically jump to 2 or 3 from 0. Next update its not totally uncommon to get pr 4 if you were working on them occasionally in that time. Gaining pr on these pages and then linking to your site is easy for one main reason - getting internal links on squidoo is easy and so PR juice will flow quickly to pages you make.
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