1. Z

    news site, sitemap best practices

    What is the best solution from an SEO perspective for creating a sitemap for a magazine and news website in order to avoid exhausting the crawl budget due to the site's large size and to ensure there are no issues with indexing new content? (I have some old articles with great positions and...
  2. D

    Sitemap redirection possible or not?

    Hi, Is there any technique through which we can redirect sitemaps through one domain to other domain?
  3. D

    Sitemap creation is necessary for Gambling website.

    How to create sitemap and submit to the GSC? Also, Is it good or not to submit the sitemap for gambling or casino website (because targeting country banned the gambling websites frequently.)
  4. D

    How to create sitemap for website and subdomains?

    Hi, If we are having multiple subdomains for a website, then how can we create sitemap for main website? Also, is it necessary to add each property of subdomain in search console? and have to create separate sitemap for multiple subdomains and a website? Thanks, in advance needing your...
  5. T

    Sitemap and Google Indexing Issue

    Hi I am seeing a few pages indexed of one of my sites on Google, which I believe shouldn't be indexed because before today there those pages wouldn't be used to index. So I can't figure out if I should keep it or turn off the toggle in Yoast Search Appearance. I use the newspaper theme, so...
  6. seo_alexa002

    This is Cute SEO

    This is Cute SEO Source - Twitter
  7. G03

    Laravel and Sitemap

    I'm building a site using the Laravel framework that will not store any pages as they are dynamic URLs. My question is how do I submit a sitemap for the site and know if all dynamic URLs to be indexed if the framework doesn't store any pages/urls? Thanks
  8. G03

    Dynamic Sitemap question: How would I setup the sitemap?

    Hey all, So I want to test a site that will generate new pages of information every it is searched on the site. The sitemap will change literally every day. How would I set up the sitemap for this? Any help is much appreciated
  9. Satyabharti

    Is it possible to Make the Sitemap to be updated automatically on daily basis in the Google Search Console

    Hello Professionals, Is it possible to Make the Sitemap to be updated automatically daily in the Google Search Console? Currently the Sitemap in the Google Search Console Updating Automatically on the Weekly basis. Look Image:- I want that is should be updated automatically on daily...
  10. Orozuz

    Unlimited sitemap generator

    Hey guys. What's up. I've been looking for a free unlimited sitemap generator. No idea why every resource about this is so outdated, a few other forums mention deprecated google resources from 2009 and other (limited) generators have an UI that looks from 2007. I haven't been able to find...
  11. georgejennings

    How to generate Sitemap manually

    Does anyone know how I can generate a sitemap manually?
  12. C

    New Sitemap not fetching in Search Console.

    Hello all, We have upgraded our websites sitemap and Google Search Console states "could not fetch". Can anyone help with this?
  13. L

    How to fix these issues

    Remove duplicate or additional meta description tags Try to reduce the number of used JavaScript files. website url :
  14. L

    having problem in seo

    Couldn't fetch Sitemap could not be read General HTTP how to fix this error i have tried rank math, Yoast , and direct uploading through ftp still same error how to fix this please
  15. kuldeepsingh689

    Sitemap Problem

    Hello, I am using Yoast SEO sitemap on my website. But I think there is some problem with sitemap Do you know what is a problem? Please solve guys. Thanks
  16. new_don

    Issue with sitemap.xml in Google Search Console

    Hi guys, I am facing an issue with my sitemap.xml file in search console this is the first time i got this issue. Please check the screenshots below. I have submitted my sitemap but i think google is not reading my sitemap kidly check the screenshot to clearly understand this issue. Can anyone...
  17. leit

    Does anyone know how to deal with this problem? Sitemap error

    I have tried with several plugins, I have also tried to include a / at the end (I have seen in many pages that that solved it), but it still gives the error. Does anyone know what to do? Note: I can access the sitemap from incognito mode, also the pages to validate the sitemap read it.
  18. GunterSachs

    How long to re-index site?

    Hey, I registered a domain some months ago and installed WordPress. I set it to no-index in the WordPress settings and forgot about it because I had other things to do. Today I removed the no-index setting. Now I started to write some articles and tried do add the sitemap (created with...
  19. kurosaki4d

    Should I submit my Sitemap to Yandex?

    Hello, I have a website in English that i submitted on Google Search Console and Bing, but I'm hesitant when it comes to Yandex. A lot of spam and hacking attempts come from Russia that's what made me reluctant about the idea. The source of my traffic is organic on SEO. So in terms of SEO...
  20. Ed Roy

    How to add a Custom Page to the Yoast Sitemap?

    Basically, The custom page is a Landing page, and I have added this page through the Hosting Cpanel. Now, I want to add the page into my sitemap, generated by Yoast. Looking forward to your advice. Thanks.
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