site flipping

  1. JoaquinGuzman

    Site flipping resource.

    Can someone please link me to a good site flipping guide.
  2. J

    How much my site with 30k-45k/monthly traffic can get sold for?

    I have a site i created a few months ago and it gets roughly around 1000-2000 organic traffic daily. Till the first week of January it was getting upto 10k visitors daily but now it has come down to around 2k visits daily. 80% of the traffic is US. Its a django based site. Its basically a...
  3. seo_alexa002

    Power Of AI Content

    I Personally Know Few Guys Who Use AI Content on their Money Site (Amazon Affiliate Site) They Rank them with Quality Powerful PBN's and later on They Sell it on Empire Flipper That AI Content Tool - J__P_R is So Powerful I am sure you all Must be Aware with this
  4. G

    Wondering if I can sell my TpT account, averaging $30 a month passive income!

    I was wondering if I could sell my Teachers pay Teachers (TpT) account. It has 5 digital products. The account is 14 months old, and earns an average of $30 a month in passive income! The expenses are $60 a year in TpT Premium. Payouts: you will receive your earnings on the 10 of every month...
  5. ElliotG

    Taking a loan to buy a website

    Is it crazy to take out a loan to buy a website? For example, take a 8k loan, buy a niche blog website on flippa or a really good expired domain (up to 5k), invest in content (up to 1k) and the rest in link building. Grow the website and then monetize it with ads/affiliate or just sell it...
  6. MSF

    Selling Unique Profitable Ecom Assets

    I need a partner or two to join me in a quit a unique opportunity. As the title says, I have a kind of business related to dropshipping that is almost untouched with huge profit potential. Ideal partner will have fair understanding of E-commerce, Dropshipping and the overall process of...
  7. HenryObi

    How Can I Sell This Very Niche Local Site And All Its Assets?

    You'd think this is like a general question but it isn't. I have a site in a very specific niche, a niche that mostly will fly for people in my country(or region). I have a fairly large Instagram page, Facebook page and Facebook group all for the site, least being 89k fans and the highest...
  8. G

    Looking To Buy A Health Related Blog

    Does anyone have a health related blog they are looking to sell?
  9. M

    How to find Expired domain

    Hello, I am new in flipping sites can anyone tell me how to find expired domains that are Google news approved. Is there a specific software other than Domcop to find these types of domians. Suggestions will be highly apperciated Thanks
  10. HiPurple

    Flippa Now Offers Finder Service For Business Acquisition

    For a fee of $50 monthly plus a 2.5% acquisition fee (payable only when business is purchased), Flippa Finder will assist prospective site buyers with various aspects of the new business search and setup, e.g. deal negotiation, business verification, data room setup, and account management...
  11. HiPurple

    Flippa Newsletter: 1-year-old WordPress Site Listed At $125K (22x)

    Flippa's daily newsletter has a WP site that is only 1 year old listed for sale at $125K, earning $5807/month, which is a multiple of just over 22x. I wonder how close the sales price will be. I can't see the URL because the seller requires a NDA, but I thought that it was interesting and...
  12. Dreams411

    Which is the best place to sell my site without up-front fees?

    Hey guys! I would like to know if there is a place where I can sell one of my sites without any upfront-fee. I've had this site for over 2 years now; and I currently have 120 contents on it. For some time now, I've got my hands full with school work and other projects; hence, I haven't paid any...
  13. D

    What's The Best Move

    Hello everyone I can't decide what is the better move in my situation now. I have shopify store currently in trial 2 days left. Only 1 sale(11.49) 277 visitors for 17 days. My domain is pretty good for this niche I think its worth more than 500$. Godaddy calculator says 1250$ Simillar domains...
  14. wahab rehman

    estibot site appraisel

    Esti bot is showing my domain worth $6600 should i slip this domain and if yes then how much?
  15. D

    Can I Flip Support Websites In Flippa

    Hi Guys, I have a bunch of sites which are technical support websites for various softwares, hardware and other issues. Also, they have some good amount of traffic in them and some of them rankings in Top 10. Can I flip them ? Are there buyers for them ?
  16. ftime007

    Biggest challenges in domain flipping today?

    I dabbled in domain flipping some years ago, but got distracted and let it go. I recently got some new resources for premium domains for cheap, as well as some guidance on monetizing bots for domains/sites I'd like to sit on for a while. My question is, what has been the biggest challenges in...
  17. keyboard2

    [Flippa] Deciding which package to take (Help Please)

    Hi friends, I have a shopify website 6 months old, making revenue of $1200 / month. Been steady. Flippa Valuation gives me price of $18000 - $31000 But............ Bullshit. I'm just going to sell for less than 10k. -- However upon making decision to put listing on Flippa, I have no experience...
  18. J

    Newbie help me in flipping

    In short: Holding some expired domains (4 Lettered, some are Branded, Very old). i bought them on cheaper costs long back and the domain evaluations like godaddy and estibot say they worth some big $$$$$$. Listed them on flippa but not worthy bids bid on any domain. wasted a lot of money and...
  19. B

    I bought an xxx . com domain from godaddy for $1,and they say now say my sites worth $700

    i bought the domain 3 months ago and all i did was redirect people to my chaturbate link. That didnt go so well. Im just wondering if i should sell it or at least try to sell it and see what happens, i see go daddy have auctions too. My first instinct was 'why the fuck are they offering me so...
  20. seoxz

    Have a few domains

    I am holding a few domains and they cost me like 200 bucks annually for renewal. I think they are gold but after a year and paying the renewal i have started to doubt it lol. Anyone care to give me advice havnt shared domain names here cause it might be against the rules dont want to sell them...
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