short url

  1. Snqke

    Adsense Shortner URL Link Cloaking

    Hello, i have notice that some website for url Shortner are working with adsense in smart way (which is illegal in google adsense policy) Check with me the analyse and help me to get the real idea Let's take an example : this website for shorten URLs 1. 2. Paste any url...
  2. H

    Is applying shorten url to tier1 a bad strategy?

    Hello. There is a tier1 site that points to my moneysite. I made five short urls on Tier1 site. Will using gsa in a short url have a bad effect on the moneysite?
  3. jani

    bulk shorten url works

    Hi Team, Do bulk shorten url works for money site is it be spam please clarify. Thanks

    Advanced URL Shortener (No More Blocked Links)!

    Hey guys. I was tired of URL shortening services blocking links so I decided to run my own. I want you guys to test it out and let me know what you think. Features Full analytics Bundle your links for easy access Geotarget links One click share from dashboard Password protect links Enjoy

    Advanced URL Scraper (No More Blocked Links)!

    Edit... Delete please
  6. Isaxmx

    Instgram SHORT LINK BAN?

    I'm sorry if this has been answered before (didn't find it), but I read on this forum recently that it you put a short link in the Instagram bio you can be banned. I'm really not familiar with that so why the heck would they ban someone because of a short url lol? Or url shortener..?
  7. R

    Make Money Short Url With N11.US

    Make Money Short Url With N11.US . Make Money Easy Share Link to Twitter, Facebook... send via email, use on your existing website, advertising, affiliate links, the uses are endless HOW CAN I VIEW HOW MANY VISITORS HAVE CLICKED ON MY SHORT URL? . You can see details stats including unique...
  8. P

    Earn 10$/day And Get payment on every friday ! 1 $ minimum payout

    Cuttin.US is a free URL shortening service with a twist.. you get paid to share your links on the Internet! Just register for a free account and start shrinking. You get paid for every person that visits your URLs. Place your short urls on Facebook, Twitter, forums, personal websites and any...
  9. C

    [TUT] BULK/MASS Tier 4 Cloaked Affiliate Links - Make Anonymous Affiliate Links

  10. P

    The new shortner service!

    Hi community, I would like to introduce you to a new service, It?s a service for earning money from shortened links! We pay 70% of incoming traffic! We pay you every month once you get 5$! We provide a lot of tools to make your earn easier: you can multishrink several link at once you...
  11. WebmasterDeluxe

    Free URL shorten service, stats and more - Updates Posted Here -

    Guys, I've got a new URL shorten service out there. I'm working on adding some nice blackhat like options to it in the new future as well. You can setup an account free, check stats etc. No ads now nor will there be for a long time. Also, no redirects etc. No warez or adult content...
  12. O

    About Short URL

    If you dont have found short url you can use from my script installed here:
  13. F

    Making money with URL shortening website

    Everyday new small and medium-size websites devoted to url shortening are launching. The main source of making money is to put a banner on the iframe; but this is against the TOS of most ad serving companies like AdSense. What is the best way to have a money making banner (ad) ?
  14. JohnsonDaniel

    [SCRIPT] Shortener with iFrame and any code you like - Gauging interest, will release free

    Hi, I have created a plugin for an open-source link shortener (Yourls) so it does the following: You insert Long Url, it creates Short Url. When the Short Url is visited, what is displayed is the Long Url page in an iFrame, and a Content Locker. At the moment, I'm displaying a locker...
  15. lancis

    [ask] - Short URLs and SEO

    Dear Blackhatters, I was wondering how URL shortening services such as TinyURL are affecting your SEO efforts. Are the links as powerful as direct links? Less powerful? Or are there any nuances I should be aware of when using these?
  16. G

    Shorten The URL open

    We just got this online and are looking for some feedback folks. Inspired by somebody on these forums Enter the long URL and get 15 or so in your email, as an attached text file (google was seeing as spam when in the email itself). I have a support desk setup at...
  17. B

    $20 Review - Short Url, Hide Referer and Fake Referer

    Hi there I want you review as well as test my new site and the new tool about short a url, hide http referer and fake http referer. The site url is: I don't care about your rank, I am not buying links here, I am looking for some real visitors for my site and hope get real...
  18. perfect10 is not hiding referer anymore... Can't send traffic to CPA offer

    Yesterday before sending traffic to my CPA offer, i thought to try if hides referrer or not.. so what i did.. I took url of one of my old blog which hardly gets any traffic, i made a link for its url. then i put that link into an auto surf site. I had statcounter installed on that...
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