seo question

  1. Zahid009

    How do I find the best SEO keywords for my niche?

    SEO Keywords can be gained from Google Adwords - Keyword Planner for free. Type in a seed keyword and get back 100’s of related phrases. Check to see if the monthly search volumes high enough for your purposes. Make a short list of phrases that suit your niche. Perform a Google Search for...
  2. Alma

    Question about restructuring my website (SEO)

    Hey guys, I have recently bought an old website, making about $10 a month from a one post. It has plenty of backlinks. Some of the backlinks go to pages that are live, some to pages that don't exist anymore. The niche is general technology. I think that it would be best to focus only on...
  3. zerolimit

    my kw got beaten by new website with no backlink

    for SEO guru here, maybe you can help me a little bit, as I'm quite confused. There are 2 sites : site A and site B. site A (rank 1) kw mention 26 long tail kw got mention 1 another long tail kw got mention 10 page speed : 6.3s DA : 1 PA : 5 TF : 0 CF : 0 created : 2019-05-23 site B (rank 13)...
  4. JohnSKnndy

    2 question about seo [help]

    Hi . i have 2 question for you : 1. does it worth to buy edu backlinks for movie site? ( to increase DR - PA - DA ) 2. how to rank in " watch + movie name " or " watch + movie name + for free ) thank you guys
  5. Jaisreeram

    Urgent Response Requested.

    Hello Team, I am new to this forum. I have a question. I am planning to build a site, where I will be doing affiliated marketing via blogs (reviews, top lists and so on) and I am also planning to start a shop page with the alidropship plugin on the same domain itself. Would you recommend...
  6. Z

    How to create international connection with bloggers and news websites?

    Hello guys, If you have ideas or method who to be in touch more easy with bloggers or newswebsites, or simple with webmasters from any industry, we all know that all the links are good. We all have ideas and method how to create new conection with webmasters and bloggers, we all use the best...
  7. N

    Important SEO Question

    Hey guys I have an important question about SEO that I haven?t seen answered anywhere. No one seems to know definitely. Does duplicate content that contains a link to a money site pass the same amount of link juice/power than if the content was completely unique? So for example if I copy and...
  8. W

    Totally Lost. :(

    Hey guys, So I've been a lurker on this website for some time, but I figured I would try and contribute a bit... actually I really just need something and figured maybe one of you brilliant minds might know what's up. I have a website that I've been attempting to get off the ground for a couple...
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