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How to create international connection with bloggers and news websites?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by zozye, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. zozye

    zozye Newbie

    Dec 18, 2014
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    Hello guys,

    If you have ideas or method who to be in touch more easy with bloggers or newswebsites, or simple with webmasters from any industry, we all know that all the links are good. We all have ideas and method how to create new conection with webmasters and bloggers, we all use the best Press Release websites but we do not share this information. Today I am sure that you will come here to help me and other brothers that can't sleep until they see the answers for this question. The masters of SEO please answer to this questions for all the brothers from this industry. I know that all you guys have your seo method and nobody can touch that. But you can share here your method how you create list of conections.

    Thank's a lot.