seo help wanted

  1. D

    Need a SEO VA

    Hi I am looking for someone who is advanced in SEO and has helped grow blogs before. I have a travel blog that needs more views. Send me a DM with examples of work you have done and any testimonials.
  2. D

    Need SEO VA

    Hi I am a travel blogger and have my own travel blog that has been running for about 2 and a bit years now. I am from the UK and my travel blog is about places I been around the world and travel tips etc. my DA is 31 but only getting 3 to 7k views a month I want more views and my content...
  3. alishakapoor

    [Need Help] Getting lot of impressions but No Clicks

    Hello Folks, Its been 6 months since the website is live & because of constant updates from google website is yet to get any credible traffic. Though I see a lot of impressions coming, but no clicks. What can be the possible reasons? Your help is appreciated
  4. D

    Need SEO Link Backing Help?

    I have a travel blog that I have had for 3 years and only getting around 30 views from SEO a day. I need help with what was I can do to get more backlinks to my keywords so that my blog posts can get more views and so can my site. is there any other ways than just doing guest posting. I...
  5. Maverick1111

    Seo related help needed for starting seo agency.

    Hi, I am new to Seo, i want to start providing Seo service on market place like fiverr and people per hour, i came across one software " " an there is similar site called " " and all most same feature, i want to know which one is best...
  6. N

    Looking for SEO

    Hello, I currently have a small business that consists of a programmer, 1 support person and a sales/marketing person. In the past we had content writers, seo masters, graphic designers etc on staff. Overhead was high but things were running since we had a lot of organic traffic. We had sites...
  7. Tcs

    Links to my website can't be seen

    Hello, Black Hat World! I am new to SEO, I took a course on how to build PBN-s and how to rank using local ranking factors. This was in around November of 2016. I started a website for my friend who does bathroom remodeling in the end of February, and it started on the 3rd page without any...
  8. BibleNsword

    Could use advice on SEO for my brick and mortar

    I have a job shop otherwise industrial shop that can handle all sorts of different jobs thats besides the point. I am about to post company's first website and am overwhelmed with the amount of things I have been reading on SEO.To the point I am mostly worried on how exactly I should go about...
  9. D

    Looking for SEO expert to manage 7 websites

    I have 7 websites currently that I need someone good to manage for me. I can also get an ulimited supply for more websites if you can handle. 4 of them are local websites and then I have bigger national sites. I just fired the India firm that was managing these for about a year. They lost...
  10. T

    Im looking for an expert seo advice

    Hello. So im looking to see if someobe can give me some advice or maybe know the right person for this. I own a service company and we provide services like garage repair, locksmith,carpet and more. There is a big company in the same city but they work all over usa. The way tgey work is that...
  11. C

    Seo help wanted

    Hi BHW, Im not sure if i am asking this questions in right section but here i go. Im currenty making few xxx$ a month trough youtube and other tactics and recently i decided to get in to SEO. So i was learning it for a week and i think im ready to start my first SEO campaign. Ive found a...
  12. J

    SEO Specialist

    I am looking for someone that can help get us ranking on the first page for niche based terms: I am not looking bs package or anything, i just want real results. Thanks!
  13. madcat816

    What is the Problem of this Website can any one check it?? reward $3

    I have a project to be done for Nepali website. As i have checked it on page SEO is good and off page too.. but it is not ranking good.. please look through it.. and if any one have good knowledge over it which satisfied me...... Pm me i will reward $3 for help web1: web2...
  14. pulkitseo

    Is there anything apart from submissions and content in SEO?

    Is there anything apart from submissions and content(blog, article ) that SEO can do to promote his site something innovative ?
  15. G

    seo plan to grap more USA visitors to the site

    i have just started a blog with a concept of "WEIGHT LOSS TIPS". And planned to target usa visitors only to get revenues through adsense and cpa...Now i basically put some 40 article on that with rich keywords..usually i do seo for keyword i need some more ideas how to grasp visitors...
  16. G

    My site is gone 4th page to unknown for a keyword in single day

    Hello to all.I am pretty confused about search engines because yesterday i saw my site is on 4th page on google seach for a i put same key but till 42th page my site is not indexed....plz suggest me....I am not using any tool for seo,manualy bookmark and url submission and...
  17. W

    SEO Advice Needed

    Hey forum - I recently got into SEO, and now I'm balls deep in e-books and articles on backlinking, what works, what doesn't work... The reason for the interest is that I want to get into niche blogging AND I need to start getting more organic traffic to a brand new blog that I started...
  18. J

    How to get my ranking back in Google.

    Hello everyone... I need your help for one of my website... I was ranking at #10 in But recently my website was thrown at #45 in The only changes which I have made was I have created a keyword specified page with the url : Now my question is that...
  19. plex_brahial

    [HELP NEEDED] I need a yes or no answer for a seo question

    I am looking for micro niche keywords. My question if in the top 5 there is amazon, ebay or yahoo answers with no more then 300 links coming to them should I start ranking for them, will it be easy to rank for? Help will be greatly apreciated!
  20. S

    Scrapbox Support Needed

    Hi everyone. Is there someone who can help me to Scrapbox. I have recentaly started a blog with real good high quality content. That i have written all by myself. I need help from some one who has SB and can do some blast for me.
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