selling website

  1. GoldenTouch

    [SELLING] ▶️ $140+/Month HOT Niche Website ✅| Highly BANKABLE 90%TIER 1/SEO Traffic ✅ | ️AUTHORITY 100+ Posts/250k+ Words ⚡ | IMMENSE Potential

    WARNING: THIS IS A LONG READ! (3K+ Words) - If you feel this is too much to read or takes too much of your time, do us both a favor and look for a different investment. Only contact me after you’ve read everything I wrote below. It’s in your best interest to be well-informed before you make an...
  2. ManageManga

    How much should I sell my website for?

    Hello there, I have a blog in the Linux niche (desktop). Currently between 200-300 clicks/day. I am thinking of selling this blog but I am confused about the price, here are more details: Ezoic Earnings: $30/month Amazon affiliate earnings (US): $10/month Traffic: Mostly from India> US > UK >...
  3. seojen

    What Should I do - Buyer Ran Away without Making Full Payment.

    Hi guys, I really need your advice on what to do, here is the full story. I met this guy on a Facebook group where I posted my site and he was interested in buying it. We did a zoom call and he asked me all kinds of questions about the site and at the end, he decided to buy it, we agreed to...
  4. GenesisOne

    [ Selling WEBSITE ] Women Interests - 100 posts - 76,000+ Words Count - HQ Images - Clean Layout - Premium Licensed Theme Builder - Read...

    Site About: Women Interests Domain: Catchy domain name registered on Apr 7, 2020 - paid til Apr 7, 2022. Premium Logo. Layout: Unique Clean Layout - Professionally Crafted with Licensed Page Builder Content: 76,000+ words count, spread through 100 Post about: Nutrition - Health - Beauty -...
  5. Dreams411

    Which is the best place to sell my site without up-front fees?

    Hey guys! I would like to know if there is a place where I can sell one of my sites without any upfront-fee. I've had this site for over 2 years now; and I currently have 120 contents on it. For some time now, I've got my hands full with school work and other projects; hence, I haven't paid any...
  6. A

    A good way to make money?

    So I finally think that I have found the method I want to implement as a beginner and I wanted to see what every one thinks about it. It's a very simple, straight-forward method. Basically, Id be selling mobile sites to businesses that don't have responsive websites. It consists of the...
  7. keyboard2

    [Flippa] Deciding which package to take (Help Please)

    Hi friends, I have a shopify website 6 months old, making revenue of $1200 / month. Been steady. Flippa Valuation gives me price of $18000 - $31000 But............ Bullshit. I'm just going to sell for less than 10k. -- However upon making decision to put listing on Flippa, I have no experience...
  8. Sartanion

    So what should I do, after I "sell" my website?

    Hello! Let's say I received payment of $50 for my website that John bought from me. Website and domain is still mine, tho, registered on my name and web files are still at m hosting. Let's say I have hosting from Freehostia, he wants that domain and files at another hosting. How to do that and...
  9. F

    Could i sell this adult website?

    I have an adult website, i earn via plugrush + juicyads + crackrevenue 20-40$ a month. I get around 700-900 visitors from google a day.(over 60% from US) (whole traffic:1,395visitors 10,710 visits a day) I don't want to renew domain + hosting, because i don't have any license for using the...
  10. maxedgames

    How to protect a Paypal dispute when selling a website (PLEASE HELP)

    Hello BHW, I am selling my website and I am scared of the buyer requesting a refund after he receives the website files. Is there anyway I can stop him from ever winning a dispute like this? Is there anything I can get him to agree to before hand, or anything I can get him to say before he...
  11. virtualpurity

    Domain Clean UP ! 8-10 year Domains for SALE INCLUDED !

    Hello BHW.. I am doing a domain clean up and i am offering these domains for sale : & - 2 years old I am selling these 2 domains together in bulk and you can choose which one you want to use (curently is redirectin to ...
  12. R

    Thoughts on selling Wix Created Websites to Filppa?

    I recently found a thread about it and I think this is something I can actually use. Before I make an investment on a Premium Wix account so I can have free hosting and domain, I'd like to know your thoughts about it. Is this method effective? If not, what are your suggestions on this money...
  13. mdmostfa

    Selling A Website on Flippa

    Hello There, I'm having a hard time finding a tutorial about selling a website on Flippa. I don't mean a tutorial about how to register and the basic stuff. I've a 5 months old website with two and half months adsense earning history, the website made $500 from adsense in the last 30 days - PR...
  14. S

    How much is this adult domain name worth? (Brazzers)

    I've got which I no longer use cause I'm quitting the adult niche and moving on to the dating niche. If there are any of you who were lucky enough to get accepted into the Brazzers network (which requires an interview and all) then you should find this domain name quite...
  15. C

    Selling my site generating minimum $2k net profit / month

    I like to break the rules and try to sell outside BST.
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