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  1. instagramheart

    Is the data from my Google Search Console any good?

    I have been blogging on my second website for about a year. This is data from my Google Search Console. Is this good? Also, I have been trying Adsense for about 6 months and getting rejected every time. Should I keep on writing on my second website, because my first one tanked.
  2. R

    New website suddenly got few clicks from google and traffic completely down.

    Please explain about this.
  3. goultes

    GSC doing ok, but some posts going DOWN. What is that, Google??

    My website has experimented a drop followed by a stabilization in traffic, which is normal: BUUUT... some posts (some of them very importants) have dropped to ZERO and not recovered: Why, Google?? What should I do?? Is there someone fighting with the same problem?
  4. borgosh

    Site being attacked - solution needed

    Hi everybody, In the past few weeks I noticed someone is attacking my site through my in-site search. They search with Chinese characters. - the search result pages did not get indexed because they were tagged as no-index but they were using my crawl index. Changed many things to avoid this...
  5. Feloxy

    Is this a good impressions trajectory for my 5-month-old website?

    I created a new programmatic seo website 5 months ago in March and until recently my average impressions ranged from 15 to 20(on a good day) impressions daily. Recently(2 days ago), I started submitting some of my links through url inspection in search console and impressions have improved...
  6. fukti3

    Questions! why google ignored backlink profile?

    In December 2020, I registered a domain with GoDaddy and connected it to my Blogger blog. However, I failed to maintain the consistency and never went back to admin panel until January 2023. To restart the blog, I started building backlinks from February 2023, aiming to raise domain authority...
  7. P

    Robots.txt Block All page with Numeric URL

    I want to Block all URL With Numeric Here is one of the url is - monkeynut449009.html How can i block a 5000+ url like this
  8. T

    search console issues

    any ideas how to fix this guys ? or what is causing these problems am losing some Traffic
  9. noobguy

    Problem Indexing Blog in Google

    Hi All! I have been facing problems with indexing posts on my site onto google. Just want to put out there that I don't have the most hands-on experience when it comes to SEO and can use your input. So basically, I had this blog that i bought for affiliate monetization, i wrote a few articles...
  10. SashaPavelMisha

    GSC catch 22

    only time will sort this out, i guess.. trying to redirect to subdomain, 301 is proper setup..
  11. T

    URL won't be indexed

    Any suggestions how to fix this ?!
  12. G03

    Weird keyword cannibalisation and dupe content

    I have an exchange site I'm working on, and I have the H1s, metadata up, and I have a situation where: Keywords like 10.5 gbp to usd & 10.5 gbp to eur ranks one URL: is crawled but currently not indexed as I have many of these, and...
  13. razharov

    I got 47 domain in one GSC and it’s fine.

    Hey everyone! i just want to share this, since I see a lot of over doing when it comes to hide yourself against google. in one of my GSC I have 47 domains, and almost 80%-90% of them are even on the same host same ip. and guess what, google does not give a **** about it, pages rank as they...
  14. Muhatrima

    Recently Created Site Indexing ?

    I have created a site last night and finished off all the bells and whistles that come with search console submission and such. Today i checked if the site is indexed by URL inspection on search console and it says " URL is on Google", however if i do manual search on google, the site does not...
  15. curious_

    Performance in GSC Discover after September Core Update

    Hello, my website dropped from GSC Discover section starting Sep 13 (right after Google started the core update). Please let me know who else is having the same issue? (See attached screenshot) What would be a cause for it?
  16. Guybrushthepirate

    Sudden increase in "Crawled ‐ currently not indexed" URLs

    As per the title of the thread: suddenly a number of URLs that were previously indexed are now marked in the Google Search Console as "Crawled - currently not indexed". The content is unique and good quality (over 1,000 words, with videos, images and proper internal link). It started right...
  17. T

    Index Faster with Google Cloud APIs

    Hello BHW, I recently released 1000 pages over 1 month. Unfortunately, Google did not index them all, because they were very niche pages. I could have gone through and manually tried to index them through Search Console UI. But I saw that Search Console was reporting the pages and Not Indexed...
  18. Nw_Work

    Search Console Google CLS issue: more than 0.25 (mobile) On Shopify Website

    Dear community, I have a site and in the core web vitals, I get CLS issue: more than 0.25 (mobile). There are apparently 9 URLs which are involved. Would like help to fix it Not sure if can share website url as per rules here, so will wait till someone clarifies
  19. V

    Impressions going up. Clicks going down. Why?

    Till about a month back, clicks data for our site followed the impressions data very closely. Then something happened - impressions are improving, but clicks are not. How do I go about figuring out what the issue is? Any help/pointers will be greatly appreciated. Attaching the search console...
  20. G

    Google Not Recrawling Articles - What to do?

    Google Search Console fetching is not working for our articles that we update on a monthly basis since 26th Jan, 2022. WE tried fetching thrice but it did not work for a single article since the date mentioned above. What could be the reason? P.S. - We have been positively affected during...
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