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  1. risecakoplusplus

    [Journey] GUESS how much will I earned by starting 20 different website? #experiment

    Yup, you're reading the title right. My target for the year 2020 is running 20 different websites simultaneously at about $2000. Recently I spent thousands of dollars on this and my mindset is always NOT saving more, but instead SPEND HARD, WORK HARDER. Furthermore, I stopped smoking and...
  2. SeoProMatt

    Writer Needed for ClickBank Review Site.

    Hey guys, I have been doing some research about getting my site ranked for "Product Name + Review" for many ClickBank products and I would outrank the hell out of these guys. My site has been around for a few years and I know the game pretty well. My biggest issue is I'm too busy to sit down...
  3. akshay_saini

    How much should I charge for guest post on my DA75 and DA55 websites?

    Been receiving lots of inquiries from various advertisers (hosting companies and review sites as well) looking to purchase guest posts with ******** links on my two websites. Here are some stats: SITE #1 Domain Authority (DA): 75 Domain Rating (DR): 70 Alexa ranking: 30.000 Language: English...
  4. C

    Is SSL certificate necessary for my site?

    im am planning on starting a review site. Not planning on selling anything directly but rather just writing reviews with affiliate links in them. So my question is it necessary for me to have SSL certificate? Thanks in advance.
  5. B


    Looking for realistic team Development Task:- Upload a ready made script for review site customize the CMS for site (ready made does come) Ensure the best stretgy / integration of software to generate video reviews SEO TASK:- Decent on page content with tagging...
  6. D

    WTH] PBN service for health review blog

    Dear all, Am looking for PBN service for my health review site, I need health niche PBN with strong metrics with DA ,PA up to 50 & TF & CF should be above 30. Need only health niche PBN with quality Backlinks. If you could do this pls ping me.
  7. rudrapada

    Building a new Ebook review site,Any advices ?

    This is my first ever website guys. I am building an ebook review site.I already bought domain+hosting on 1&1. I have few theme ideas.I want to complete it today. I am thinking to spin reviews from other sites and have them as my own,How will it be ? Also I am currently an affiliate of a...
  8. Elin Dotsya

    Dotsya's Clickbank Journey To $1,000 Per Day

    I know, I know. I did say that I wouldn't make a new journey thread until I acquired all of the required skills. I'm doing this because @mancar487 recommended it. Instead of constantly PMing and emailing a bunch of people, this way would make things far simpler. If you recall from my previous...
  9. Elin Dotsya

    Questions Regarding My Niche Review Site

    Since no one responded to these questions on my journey thread, I decided to make this thread a standalone. Some Questions For YOU: 1. Should I bother with all those copyright/disclaimer/privacy policy pages? If so, couldn't I just copy them from my competitors and change some of the info...
  10. SmartBoyZ

    keyword research: "on sale" vs. "for sale"

    I am not native english speaker, so if anyone "keyword on sale", I know he is searching for something at a lowered price and I know it's a good "buying keyword", which means I can promote that product with my amazon review site, but if someone is searching "keyword for sale", does it mean he is...
  11. Couch Monkey Media

    Need a review site built

    I need a nice and simple and clean review site built. I have the idea of what I want it on as well as the domain already. I will need you to do a design as well as research the area to get the listings to go into the review site with along with a description for each location. Would like to...
  12. rees9

    Journey to $30 a day with Clickbank

    So I'm starting this journey thread out of selfish motives really. I feel that when I'm not accountable to anybody, it's just all too easy to procrastinate, read forums all day long, make excuses and then quit. See, I have this classic noob problem - I don't like to put real hard work into any...
  13. skizowapa

    clickbank+review site

    Hello everyone!! when i will get sales from my review sites? at the moment i receive 50 hops everyday from backlinks thanks,
  14. S

    My average long term plan. Thoughts?

    I have two niche money sites where the information rarely changes for the products I sell. How do I add content, when there isn?t any real, new content to add? Even the products are pretty straight forward. My plan: Develop two WP review sites, one for each product type and have those sites link...
  15. pulkitseo

    What is Review submission ? have anyone done that before ?

    Hello everyone has anyone ever heard about review submission and how that is done can anyone explain ?
  16. E

    $150 per day in 6 months with 3 methods - kindle + cam offer promotion +review site

    So, my plan is to make at least a $100 per day on autopilot from 3 methods I've been doing so far. I've started all the methods, though only the review site method has made me a sale so far with a profit of $4.11 So, my goal is to make at least $50 per day with each of these methods so that'll...
  17. V

    Clickbank Product review site ..

    I have setup a new clickbank products review site http://bestreviews(dot)biz Any suggestions for getting potential buyers to visit my site ? Any suggestions for theme or setup are also appreciated. I also welcome anyone who wants to partner me to monetize this site and share profits.
  18. V

    Anyone has a manual of how to use the WP theme Artificer

    Hi I am trying to create a new review blog using the WP theme Artificer but there are so many options to be filled. Anyone has a manual or something which can be used as a guide ?
  19. V

    Need to open a review site .. any suggested available domain names ?

    Hi Guys I want to open a review site for products that I promote. Will you please suggest any good available domain names which can help me rank and get traffic.
  20. D

    If anyone has a free moment?

    If anyone has a free moment, could you review my blog? I would just like to see if i am on the right track with all of my efforts. i'm only getting between 5-25 views per day on average. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance!
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