ranking on google

  1. seojen

    Is Paraphrasing (Rewriting) Articles Legit in the Eyes of Google?

    What are your thoughts about whether it's possible to rank on Google with well-rewritten content?
  2. seojen

    Can Re-Written ( Spun ) Content Still Rank on Google these Days??

    I was wondering if any of you people was able to rank using rewritten or spun content. And I also need your feedback about Wordai. Is it worth it ?
  3. HardBen

    Top rated domains for guest posting?

    I am on a content writing week, I need to write top quality content and get it ranked. I have read guest posting would also contribute to getting maximum number of visits and getting a backlink for a high DA domain would also provide me cushion for ranking on good ranks on SRP. Please name a...
  4. Slyeagle

    Getting tired of "SEO" Googles' way

    This is my first post here & below is the reason I have joined these forums... I have been building & SEO'ing websites for over 10 years now & have, like most people had the up's & down's Google likes to dish out over the years. In the early days I had pretty decent content & wanted to...
  5. beats4legends

    SEO for videos - Finding the right keywords?

    Today I wanted to start a post and subscribe to it in hopes to get more information on a topic I've been thinking about a lot lately. I wanted to share my own experiences and offer some of the information that I have found out in my own efforts, and also ask a few key questions I hope to see...
  6. C

    How To Get Ranking In Google ?

    I am doing SEO from past 2 to 3 years, achieved small competition keywords in local search engine(india). By doing directory, article submission, bookmarking, blog commenting. But i am getting bore with all this, trying to learn latest tactics in SEO which help in ranking with good search volume...
  7. LX911

    Efficiency of Article Marketing vs Matt Cutts

    Matt Cutts of the Google Webmaster Central Forum says that he is not personally a big fan of article marketing. Writing articles and having them point out to your sites! If you think it from a non-manipulative angle then any kinda backlinking stuff are all crapped out! So what the hell can we...
  8. briptech

    [Question] How to Rank Keywords NOT in English Language

    Let's face the fact: an high percentage of the high-pr link rental services available today are based on backlinks placed on relevant blogs (preferably private networks) where keywords are surrounded by contextual (relevant) text. Obviously, the more "natural" the link(s) appear within the...
  9. W

    Why My Site Has Ranking only on Googlein not Googlecom

    Hi everyone, I created two sites at the same time and now one site is found #4 on Googlecom. But the other site only appears on GoogleIndia and has no ranking on Googlecom. What I want is all sites have ranking on Googlecom. Two sites are hosted in US and most backlinks are placed on same...
  10. S

    help with problem ranking for a keyword

    Hello, i have a real site (no autopilot, no blackseo) about b2b travel news. This site started in 1997, first using joomla, and now using wordpress. My problem is that i can't get any rank for a keyword "travel industry news" I have using the keyword in all post meta title (title | travel...
  11. bulldogzg

    BHW Exclusive - My 7 day SEO strategy

    Hi BHW, I'm starting to enjoy this forum more and more so I wanted to make a little contribution here. This is my SEO strategy I've developed in my short career and it's working quite well for me. What I'm about to share is NOT easy, quick and simple so if you're looking for that, sorry I...
  12. L

    Checking ranking in different keywords?

    So I messed up. Is there a way to check what keywords a webpage are ranked in? I have been working on several keywords but lost my list. Thankfull for help
  13. ramtripper

    The Best Method To Raising Your SERPs

    I'm a little stuck at this point. My site has been fluctuating from page 4 to page 2 and back to page 4 for over 4 months and ive been doing SEO on it for 8 months. It's for a competitive niche, but still, it's like whatever I do at this point doesn't get me anywhere. What is the most...
  14. E

    Get on the 1st page of google within 21 days guaranteed!

    Ok, I seriously need to know how seo/ marketing companies can guarantee this. Im a noob, and I've had my blog for around 3 months and still haven't got any higher than page 17 on google. Other than backlinking, what other ways are there to push your site/blog onto the first page? Thanks...
  15. O

    Need help,rank 7 on yahoo.

    I started backlinking a few days ago,My site is a blogspot,18 backlinks indexed by yahoo site explorer so far,i've done around 150 backlinks or so..It is ranking only on yahoo and bing,google not yet I don't know why.The keyword has around 74,000 searches and am ranking on the first page as rank...
  16. dotcum

    Never again am I gonna do Xrumer blast on my sites

    HELP...I have a site up for 3 years now an I was dominating for quite a few keywords on google banking me $60 to $85 daily, so I decided to get a xrumer blast to dominate for some more keywords and guess what " I NO LONGER RANK FOR THESE KEYWORDS AND MY TRAFFIC DROPPED 50% "...Please, what can I...
  17. A

    My page become PR1 with very poor SEO

    My page is become PR 1 webpage and I do no know how is this possible?? Why I wondering? Here are the facts The webpage is: 1; 5 months old 2; have 20+ backlinks (PR 5-7) 3; Its micro website optimized for one keyword 4; on g00gle is #39 (first month was #1) 5; this is my second page that I...
  18. K

    Is this a case of the google Sandbox Blues

    I have been successful in ranking every site i have tried untill now. I have a site that belongs to my wife and all was well untill about 3 weeks ago going on four. The only keyword i wanted was "Shabby Chic Furniture" and after a month i was on page 4 and moving up. all of a sudden i am no...
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