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  1. homeriscool

    [Help Wanted] A Local SEO Rival has Registered Same Domain Name and is Using Google Ads and is Bidding on my Keywords

    Hey guys, I've spent a lot of time and money ranking a local website to the top of the local search engines. The site ranks #1 for it's target keywords. However, some little punk has come along and literally registered the exact same domain name as mine with a different extension and is...
  2. S

    How can SEO Drive sales to my website? I need help

    I'm an ecommerce business owner locally and I want to drive sales to my website as I am losing clients. One factor Im considering is going into digital marketing and seo forum sites. Can someone please enlighten me how it works
  3. Monimix24

    Would i be able to utilize PopCash all the while with other popunder networks?

    Popunder code doesn't meddle with different promotions that you are presently utilizing, nonetheless, we recommend having close to 3 popunder advertisements simultaneously. The nature of the traffic shipped off advertisement networks diminishes with numerous promotions added to the site.
  4. midnightsavant

    Publishing ads without a website?

    without having your own website, Is there a way to embed html ad code somewhere so you can get ppc/cpm commissions?
  5. MicroBit-OMS

    Amazon Seller Central Assistant and Google Voice & Gmail Account Creation Services.

    *** Satisfied Work or 100% money-back guarantee ***
  6. MicroBit-OMS

    A quick question to PPC professionals.

    Hey guys, for the PPC pros. Once you create an Exact Match Manual campaign, you negativize the same keywords in the Auto Campaigns? For example ‘Orange juice’ in the Exact, put that same keyword in negative in the Auto campaign? Haven't tried yet but just wondering, is this a good practice? Thanks
  7. MicroBit-OMS

    PPC: high bidding or high budget?

    Hi everyone! Besides proper research, analytics and finding out appropriate keywords what's better? High bidding or high budget? We're spending a lot on PPC for different accounts and not making that many sales. For some product sales is quite disappointing.
  8. imonboss

    Bing aka Microsoft Shopping Ads - Are you running this?

    I had a good run with Google Shopping couple of months ago and made around $12,000 in pure profit. And then...... They have updated their Google Merchant Center Policy and bam! all my cpa sites got disapproved eventually led to full account suspended. And that was not me only as I have seen...
  9. MehtaM

    Payment method and settng for Bing Ads no spend coupon?

    I'm looking to get some Bing Ads non spend coupons but before I get into it I researched about payment method and settings. The people who have already successfully used multiple coupons on multiple coupons what would you suggest? 1) Payment setting : Prepay or postpay? 2) Payment method ...
  10. Kairos Vardoger

    I need a good PPC for in my Chrome Extension

    Hello everybody, how are you doing? :D I have a Google Chrome Extension built for me that will add great value to anybody in the affiliate business! I am planning to run one or more ads on the free downloadable extension with a Pay Per Click or maybe even a Pay Per View system. Is there anyone...
  11. Wiccanda

    Different Website Same Product/Brand Endorsing

    Hey there! I really have this issue going on with my shopping campaigns on google. So there's this consignee/distributor of our company that promotes a phased-out product of ours and shows in shopping ads. I clicked on the ad and on the landing page, they say that the product is already out of...
  12. E

    PPC Management - Looking to Hire Someone

    I'm looking to hire/pay someone that would be interested in helping run some ppc campaigns for google/bing/facebook for my companies site. I've done a fair amount of the grunt work with keyword research etc. I am also looking to learn as much as possible during the process. If you are...
  13. S

    Looking For Google & Bing Ads BIN

    Hello Everyone How are you? I am a Affiliate Marketer. For a few days I work on google Ad-words. Now I'm looking for Google & Bing Ads Bin, Through which I can create many threshold accounts to generate more sales. Is there anyone to help me? I'm not sure what else I should be looking for, any...
  14. SEO-TechGuide

    Is pay per click PPC right for Business in 2020?

    Pay Per Click in 2020 is expected to be higher as the number of small, medium and large PPC management service providers arises in the digital world. These PPC ads can be shown on websites, blogs, and youtube channels and here the advertisers pay only when the ads are Clicked. So for those...
  15. T

    The new guy...lol

    hi there BHW......I've been here before but didn't take the time to sign up, so i did this evening,I always found good stuff here, I'm interested in many things on "How to make money online" but i haven't made a dime yet. That's my main goal, to make money online, haven't quit yet. First of...
  16. S

    I’m Shri! A newbie here!

    Hello Everyone, I am new in this forum. Please welcome me :)
  17. william_usa99

    PPC minimum payment: 5$ or $10 >pls help

    Please suggest PPC companies to accept the minimum payment amount of $5 or $10 ?? i want to promote CPA offers and i only have 10$ !!!!!
  18. A

    Hey Guys

    alex here...ppc expert and here to learn more
  19. Bajanman

    Looking for CANADIAN PPC/SEO Specialist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We're looking for a HIGHLY SKILLED PPC/SEO Specialist for a particularly interesting (tough) campaign. MUST BE CANADIAN or AMERICAN. The reason we need someone from this particular part of the world is because of the cultural nature of this campaign and they must have an understanding of the...
  20. imonboss

    When would Bing Ad charge my Paypal?

    Is there any threshold to be met before bing ad charge my paypal? I already have a $100 coupon redeemed, my account type is prepay and ad is already running and receiving impression and clicks! Any Bing ad expert can give me this piece of information? http://prntscr.com/nu3vtt...