1. L

    Instagram - Change Format of Pics afterwards?

    Hey guys, I'm Lil and I really hope you can help me. :) I have my Insta Feed that way, that I have white frames around my pics. (I uploaded them with the App Whitagram). Now I want to upload video content and this will destroy the orderly feed . So now can I upload videos with frames (although...
  2. K

    porn blog questions...

    For those who still have a porn blog or pornography blog for sharing adult pics can you post link of your blog so i can see how it looks? what i really need to start my blog? (iam looking for fast and goo amount of cash) i am already doing some work on wordpress blog with free domain and paid...
  3. A

    How do I start building community around pics/videos website?

    Hey guys, I've a website, similar to BuzzFeed, i.e. trending videos, funny pics/stories, etc, which I started a month ago. I do ~7-8 publications per day. Each publication contains a small introduction to a series of photos/videos, each photo/video has a small/fun headline. I buy some FB...
  4. S

    Geotagging all the pictures that I take?

    Is it really worth it with the phone and the GPS for the locale? I am taking a boatload of pictures on every site and proposal I do, I am just trying to maximize my return before I post them on my site. Does it work even better for G Local with the tagging of the pics?
  5. M

    need 5000 profile pics, each profile 5-7 pics

    Hey everyone, as I wrote in headline I need 5000 profiles, where each profile would have 5-7 pics of same person of course. 4000 of nice looking girls and 1000 of nice looking guys. Not HQ pics, more amateur. Any suggestion? Thanks!
  6. K

    I have pictures of Bruss Willis, Arnold, Dolph, Wesley and more from Expendables 3

    They are filming Expendables 3 in my city and i managed to sneak up with a boat and snap a few pictures. Made me feel like a real paparazzi. The question is : " Can i sell this pictures to some newspapers and websites? Best regards,
  7. C

    Scraping pics

    So I spent a week searching for a forum thread talking about how to scrap Pics off a twitter accounts and using notepad to produce my daily tweets with the image. The problem I'm running into is that I scrap an accounts tweets but I'm stuck with the pic.twtter link directing back to that ACCT...
  8. M

    Promoting Funny Pics Site

    I have a funny pics site which is a DamnLOL clone thats just sitting around lmao. What would you think is an effective way to promote this type of site? Anyways, I would like to just get some consistent traffic to sell it on flippa to get it off my shoulders. Im thinking to buy some traffic as...
  9. C

    [HELP] Duped With Images - Will it hurt SEO?

    If I put up a picture of the day on my site as a separate post, but run the same copy for each post - will this pound me with Google? I know it sounds noobish with duplicate content, but I feel like my options are: 1. Only write 10-20 words per picture 2. Write general copy points and duplicate...
  10. M

    What's The Best Way To Find Images To Use On Facebook!

    What's the best way to find images for multiple profiles on facebook. I've downloaded Bulk Image Downloader but it doesn't have a search feature. For scraping image profiles can we just scrape some off of photobucket or flickr & do we need to see if there already being used on facebook
  11. K

    How to use stumble upon the best

    Hi, I am wondering if you can help me with some tactics how to make mi pics go viral in stumble upon. I had a JV partner who used to do it quite often ( at least once a week ) so he was bringing at least 20-30 000 uniques, but we parted ways soon and now i am in the dark. Please help. Best...
  12. themvf

    [REQ] TweetAttacks AC Pictures

    Anyone know a way to get 1000's of Pics formatted for Twitter? 1) Any packages I can buy for this purpose? 2) Any packages I can buy that can I can easily format for the dimensions required by twitter? I searched this forum and google and came up empty. Appreciate the help.
  13. M

    I need women, thousands upon thousands of BROADS!

    Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place, just need to know if anyone can suggest any methods of getting HUGE amounts of porn pics of amatuer/semi attractive looking women, prefferably with multiple images of the same woman in different poses. The tricky part is, these images must NOT come...
  14. freething

    myspace profile pic finder.

    Does anyone know of a program that lets you enter myspace usernames to check to see if they have profile pics?
  15. P

    How to make Black Hat Money with Image Hosting

    I currently have an image hosting site that is around 4 years old. I have never spent much time marketing the site and with word of mouth there are a handful of paying users. Some of these users have thousands of images on the server and are committed to me for the long run. But, are there...
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