penalty recovery

  1. alishakapoor

    Can malware affected wordpress website recovery a penalty?

    Coming straight to point, I used nulled theme which had some malware (initially was unaware). I found out this when my site was disapproved in google adwords for the same reason. So my question is are there any chances of recovery? If there are what steps should I take to remove malware & how...
  2. Nivek18

    One of my site was marked as "Pure Spam" in google and "Doorway" in yandex

    I open my google analytics and was shocked cause one of my site traffic drops significantly. So I checked webmaster tools and saw that there's a manual action called "Pure Spam". I also checked my email and Yandex also gave me an email, the error is Doorway. I'm not sure how I get these, but...
  3. Power Booster

    Query For The Affiliate Website.. Help Me!!

    Hey Guys, I am newbie in BHW, Please suggest me and help me. I am running a sports website. which is running good but after the april-may update it's getting down :(. I don't know whats wrong with it. I never use blackhat and also disavow the low links but there is not any improvement. Kindly...
  4. G


    Hi all, online headshop here trying to recover from medic/birthday updates. Hoping to get some ideas here!
  5. D

    Dance / Penalty or what?

    Long story short one of my client's website was 1st for many industry most competitive keywords for couple years and we were hit by Medic. I cleaned quite a lot of on-page junk without any big luck so I checked what could be wrong with off-page too and found out that we lost couple good links...
  6. Reeshua

    [Journey] Recovering My PENALIZED Amazon Affiliate Site to $1,000/month

    INTRO Hi! I've got A LOT of free time this month because I just parted away with a business I co-founded and generally have just been waiting for passive income + some projects to push through. So right now I'm wasting an awful amount of time just watching anime or Korean dramas lol. Quick...
  7. Dwain Stewart

    How Are You Trying To Recover Recently Penalized Sites?

    Recently, google is bringing more and more updates and penalizing a hell lot of sites. I have seen site sank down from thousands of traffic to a few hundred traffic, have seen sites that are losing traffic and keyword visibility very slowly but surely, also seen some sites getting penalized and...
  8. akr007

    Great God! At Last I Recovered My Site... Phewwww

    June 14, I got hit by Google. It was a manual penalty (unnatural inbound link). On 15th Aug, I succeeded to recover it after 5 failed attempts! The site was earning $2.5k per month and literally, I run numerous tests on it. What I learned from it: 1. Be cautious about your anchor texts. Even if...
  9. ialmahmud

    Need Help for Spammy structured Penalty

    My Amazon niche site got a Spammy structured Penalty two days ago. Google send me this message . " Reviews must not be written or provided by the business or content provider unless they are genuine, independent, and unpaid editorial reviews.| What should I do now? I can I fix this soon?
  10. Dwain Stewart

    What Would YOU Do If This Happened To You?

    Hi Guys, Suppose you are the proud owner of the site showing in the screenshot. It was doing really well and increasing in both earning and traffic every single day! And then boom! You got hit by Google and seeing continues drop in traffic. By deeply looking at the site, what would you do...