One of my site was marked as "Pure Spam" in google and "Doorway" in yandex


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Jul 3, 2018
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I open my google analytics and was shocked cause one of my site traffic drops significantly. So I checked webmaster tools and saw that there's a manual action called "Pure Spam". I also checked my email and Yandex also gave me an email, the error is Doorway. I'm not sure how I get these, but recently, my site was getting a link from shady websites that looks like created by a bot. By the way, my site is about wallpaper. I created a link building last year for this site, purchased from one of the members here. But that's it I never purchased any link building for it anymore.

If two search engine telling me that my site is spam, can I recover it if I disavow those link from shady sites? If someone wanted to help and check my site, just PM me.


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Sep 9, 2015
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If you did not build those links, then it could be the courtesy of negative SEO which means any or many of your competitors want you to slip, therefore building shady backlinks to your website.
About disavowing, yeah if you do that you will eventually get rid of the penalty and regain the traffic after sometime. Keep your backlink profile always in check.

Another thing, you mentioned yours is a wallpaper website. Could it be like your site dont have enough unique content because you are feeding content from other sources?? Let us know!