Dance / Penalty or what?


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Jul 3, 2008
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Long story short one of my client's website was 1st for many industry most competitive keywords for couple years and we were hit by Medic.

I cleaned quite a lot of on-page junk without any big luck so I checked what could be wrong with off-page too and found out that we lost couple good links including one BIG site-wide nofollow link in sidebar. Many competitors in current 1st page have the link.

So we sponsored the link again and we got hit even further (don't know if it's related to another algo update).

Also i've got couple more strong links.

Site-wide domain:

Targeted page:

Brand/Business term went from 1st position to 5th position. Name is unique.

What would be your take?
Wait or remove or build more? (
some are telling to build, some are telling that if it's Transition ranking phase, it could evolve even further)

For me it doesn't look like genuine "rank transition" ..

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