paypal account

  1. A

    I can't use Paypal Balance to transfer money via Paypal Xoom HELP

    I started using PayPal xoom because it allows me to use my Paypal balance to transfer money internationally without using my bank. Everything was going fine but when i tried sending the money again to the same person i had sent previously it showed "add debit or credit card" instead of showing...
  2. CMG

    Need help with PayPal account

    I am not sure if this is the right forum to post in, if not, I ask the mods to move it. I haven't logged in one of my PayPal accounts in a long time, and PayPal is asking me to verify it's really me by an SMS Code. I need a Canadian number or proxy, I am not sure which would be best, and where...
  3. papal

    How tf do I make a Paypal Stealth account???

    It was never hard for me to bot sites or get around with creating unlimited google/social media profiles with proxies and numbers. But paypal is really fucking hard to get around without kyc. I need a anon business account, but everytime I make an account with a new clean sim card, vm, gmail and...
  4. Crazy Lucifer

    My PayPal account (new one) has money in it on hold. What to do?

    Hi there! My brand new PayPal account has its money on hold. What should I do now?
  5. B

    Paypal is now asking me again for other documents

    hey guys, as some of you might know, paypal limited 3 of my accounts last month, so i just went and created a new business account with fake name and fake passport just so i can recover all the loss paypal has caused me. Now after receiving few payments, PP is now asking for these docs for...
  6. B

    Everything i make online this stupid fucking paypal take it and leave me with nothing

    Man f**ck Paypal for real, 3 accounts limited in the last 30 days, come ooon! everything i be making they take it with no further due, this is just frustrating. i work hard to make these few bucks just for them to put it in their pocket? i tried to appeal, they refuse to restore my accounts...
  7. Deimos455

    PayPal withdrawal

    Hello! I’m looking for someone who can help me withdraw my money from PayPal (it will be paid). The problem is that I used online number for my acc, and forgot to prolong this number. Now I can’t do any operations without this number and I can’t restore it.
  8. pepekobasa

    Looking for paypal account

    Hello, guys! I am looking for a paypal account. A client will pay me. I need someone who can receive the payment on their paypal and send it to my main paypal account. Hoping for your kind response. Cheers!
  9. EcomWolfs

    PayPal Accounts For Sale - US, EU, UK, Verified, Ready to receive your payments

    Hello BHW community! My name is Kevin from EcomWolfs, nice to meet all of you! :) We are delighted to offer PayPal accounts on this forum. Please check our sales thread and contact us via SKYPE (click this link to message us) : SKYPE LINK Few words about the team you will work with...
  10. emvam

    Need help to pay via paypal + reloadable vcc

    i want to pay via paypal and i need multiple paypal for multiple account. if i use proxy and add reloadable vcc to my paypal accounts, will i able to pay via this method without any extra paypal verification like bank or papers??? i mean i'll only load money on my vcc then i'll pay via paypal...
  11. PVADeals

    Get Non-VoIP Numbers For SMS Verification in $0.5 |

    Introduction Fresh and never used phone numbers from the USA for SMS Verification. Our service works in 3 simple steps. Sign Up Add Funds Order Phone Number and Receive instant SMS code PVADeals established in 2019 with just a Skype group. We used to sell phone numbers and SMS verification to...
  12. M

    PayPal limitation requesting information , LImit paypal 2022

    hi guys , if anyone here knows how to make paypal account ask your for verify your business information without a transaction , like add paypal to your website or something like that . Thank you
  13. Trust WorkShop

    My Stripe/Paypal Account(s) + Your Product(s)/Service(s)

    I have my US Stripe & Paypal accounts : strong, aged and verified, which I have been using for a few years now. I am offering a JV with your product(s)/service(s). I prefer to work with BHW members who have been active in BHW for atleast 1 year.
  14. Hunows

    [FREE GUIDE] PayPal Account Stealth Method That Works.

    The guide works for each and everyone doesn't matter of the location or citizenship. With this guide you will be able: 1. Create PayPal stealth accounts. 2. Sell PayPal stealth accounts 3. Teach other people to create PayPal stealth. THINGS YOU WILL NEED TO KNOW: 1. Your first and last name...
  15. Game of Squid


    Follow these facts. Read them carefully and you might be safe to go and use your STEALTH PAYPAL OR just regular PayPal for years like some people do You received too much money into your account (this can be any amount that is not in proportion to what you normally received during the average...
  16. hichamkdr

    Paypal limits passed 180 days but still can't transfer money

    Hey y'all :), I have a paypal account that was limited for a year now, I tried to withdraw the money on it I added my visa card to it with the help of ppl support cuz it didn't want at first also I tied my us bank but didn't want to link so I stick with my visa card so when I tried to transfer...
  17. M

    PayPal Cookies help

    I bought a PayPal with cookies and the cookies initially came like this: I then had it converted into something like this with the tool the vendor gave me (the file download), but the thing is when I try to import the files it doesn't import anything I can't understand what is the problem...
  18. J

    Bought a Paypal made with Russian ip on It got limited when someone tried to pay

    So I bought a Paypal made with a Russian ip on accfame. 20 bucks so no big loss and I'm not interested in seeking a refund. I'm interested in finding the source of the problem so I can avoid it next time around. For the first two weeks I logged into the paypal using Cyberghost Russian ip VPN...
  19. byrd

    New PayPal Business Account, do they check the company name?

    Hey Guys, I need your help regarding PayPal Business Accounts. My second PayPal Account got banned quite recently. Now I am wondering, will it work if I create a third PayPal business account with a new Bank account, a new phone number, new website, new IP but the same company? Will PayPal...
  20. C

    PayPal Estabilished Seller – When?

    Hi, I need to prepare my PayPal account for selling. To remove 21 days hold I am going to make a few fake sales. To do it my friend will buy digital service from me via his PayPal account. Next I will wait 60+ days to obtain PayPal estabilished seller level. I found that I need to complete all...
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