1. tattooedbuddha

    [GUIDE] How to write URL slugs 101

    How to write URL slugs 101 URL slugs are all about relevance and cost of retrieval. Let’s get into it. What is cost of retrieval? Cost of retrieval is all about making it as cheap as possible for Google to retrieve information from your page. I.e. decreasing average page sizes, giving direct...
  2. P

    What is PageRank and why does it matter?

    What is PageRank and why does it matter?
  3. seocrab

    Which Domain Score Metric Is Actually The Best? DA vs DR vs AS vs TF vs CF

    Read a lot of comments that "DR is more accurate than DA"? Here's some data to challenge that assumption... In a study looking at the backlinks of 100 US websites, Malte Landwehr found strong correlation between DA (Domain Authority) from Moz, DR (Domain Rating) from ahrefs and AS (Authority...
  4. R

    Disavow tool dropped my rank 4 --> 15 - what i do next?

    I'm running travel blog site. Few days ago i'm disvcovered 70 spam backlinks in moz. then, i'm disavowed those sites. Severly my website rank dropped to out of 15th position. This is worst on google. what can I do?
  5. KJREDDY247@

    Suggestions on Hosting (Key domains and redirected Domains)

    I have all my website domains with 3 extensions, and what i am planning is i will host my websites with extensions from 1 service provider and I will host/keep remaining redirected URL'S, etc which i mainly use for emailing (with non-subscribers...
  6. worldytraveler4

    Expired Domains - How To Find PR6+ Backlinks?

    Hello, I'm new to SEO and I'm looking to buy some specific expired domains for my niche to rank on Google. From what I'm reading backlinks don't matter all that much except when it's high PR ranking like PR6 and higher. 1 of those makes up for millions of smaller ones from what I'm gathering...
  7. qwertzui11

    Facebook page-plugin leaks PageRank/LinkJuice ?

    I am using the original Facebook Page Plugin, on most of my sites. Its in the footer area on every inner page, so on the homepage. I was just checking my code, and saw that it has no rel=nofollow tag on the link. Whats your opinion, should I add a nofollow tag? Or just leave it that way...
  8. m1k3r

    ScrapeBox v2.0.0.85 - Missing Features

    Hello everyone, Please direct me if I've posted this in the wrong area. I've just purchased Scrapebox v2 and I seem to be missing the 'Check Pagerank' method in the Manage Lists section of the software. Many of the tutorials I've looked at make use of this function. I also do not have the...
  9. Kohai Media

    Please review my website

    Im starting up this new project, I would appreciate your reviews on it (not just design-wise). Thank you,
  10. patrick007

    pagerank zero after 20 days

    guys, i'm new to seo, i created a blogger blog with a custom domain then i submited my site to google webmaster so google can crawl my site but after 20 days i checked my site on checkpagerank[dot]net and it still showing pagerank zero. i know seo takes times, but how long it takes to google...
  11. shivam

    Any Pagerank update?

    My website's Google pagerank was 3 it suddenly came down to 0 PR :( Is there any update?
  12. A

    Get PR by commenting

    Hello, Can i improve my website rank by publish it's url in a comment in blogs, forums or even in facebook?. Is it considered as +Backlink?
  13. W9go

    Expired Domains - high PR - no backlinks

    there are several nice names high PR domains in my country. up to PR 7 according majestic there are no or nearly no backlinks there any more. does it make sense to register make a nice page and try to sell backlinks somewhere ? thanks
  14. Rules

    How to verify that the PR we're getting with the domain is valid or not ?

    Is there any way by which we can get the idea that the PR we're getting with the domain is valid PR or not? How to identify true pr of a domain? Any tool? Any method?
  15. savageman

    Domain Name Redirection Question

    What's the best way to use extra domain names that I have picked up. I have an active domain with traffic ... say it's named and I also have domains,, that are not built, not active or have any content. Can I use he non active...
  16. naskootbg

    Checklist for high quality backlinks (after the PageRank is gone). Tricks!

    You must consider, that the PageRank is gone, becasue: Because maybe 90% of SEO sellers promice "high PageRank backlinks" - normal. Becasue over 90% from SEO seekers expecting and want "high PageRank backlinks" - terrible. Because the PageRank is still real metric, but only the bots and...
  17. LisaHamilton

    Google PageRank Update

    Any once knows when Google is going to update the website PageRanks??? I am waiting for my blog it is still on zero....
  18. naskootbg

    Google do not change the pagerank on deindexed domains!

    Few days ago friend of my call me telling me that google just deindex MILLIONS of PBN domains. Than I check my domains and all they was good looking - no changes of the pagerank. Today I check the pagerank with other tool and it show PR0 on half of the domains, while on the others the pagerank...
  19. N

    How to get the #1 Page Rank on Google and Yahoo

    How do you get to the first page of Google and Yahoo???
  20. W

    tumblr links for SEO

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to rank a site (is not tumblr blog) but I have a few tumblr blogs and I was wondering if is worth the effort of adding links to that site to increase the page rank. I'll really appreciate your help and input. Thanks
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