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Checklist for high quality backlinks (after the PageRank is gone). Tricks!

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by naskootbg, Feb 14, 2015.

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    Nov 8, 2010
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    You must consider, that the PageRank is gone, becasue:

    • Because maybe 90% of SEO sellers promice "high PageRank backlinks" - normal.
    • Becasue over 90% from SEO seekers expecting and want "high PageRank backlinks" - terrible.
    • Because the PageRank is still real metric, but only the bots and maybe very less people from g00gle's team knows the actual PageRank.
    • Because this will help on the webmasters with single or very small number of personal websites.
    • This may prevent you from wrong move or to be a liar.
    • This can protect your sites from penalty, because right now even deinexed domains have PageRank.

    This is my checklist for good site for backlink:

    1) high level of relevancy. I prefer to use domains, in which have the keyword, category of the niche, synonym word, just word from the keyword. In the best case from EMD :). When the domain is relevant it will also have backlinks with relevant anchors and from relevant domains.
    2) domain's age. Over 2 years old is OK for me. The older - better. In the best case the first site on the planet :).
    3) domain authority of 15+ from the moz metrics. Maybe you all know this... - this is optional for me, but if you buying links and can choose, than use these with higher.
    4) to have not nofollow rel or redirect - optional, but still very important.
    5) to have good alexa rank - optional.
    6) the old PageRank. For the sites older than 2 years - old PageRank of 1 and up. For less than 2 years old sites skip this point.
    7) of course to be in index. Right now I own 10 de-indexed domains with PageRank2+, so consider this.
    If the site pass these 7 points, I do not care for any other metrics. For me the most important point is #1 and this is why I will show small tricks.

    The tricks:
    1) finding relevant domain for backlinks using * in search/scrape. This is not new for some of you, but when search like this:
    inurl:keyword*footprint + footprins
    g00gle will return almost only relevant domains or at least the best results first. Example:
    inurl:blackhat*register.php "powered by vbulletin"
    Than try with the good old footprint:
    inurl:register.php "powered by vbulletin" blackhat
    to see the difference.
    2) there have free tools online for checking bulk the domain's authority, the alexa rank, the domain's age, bulk index check and the old PageRank - for nofollow or redirect I check individual in browser, but almost sure that have a free tools that can check in bulk this.
    3) never create only relevant backlinks. You can add any web2.0 for diversity. Not sure for now, but with relevant links only the bots will get it as over-optimization one day and you maybe know what this means.