1. alex270

    How to Cloak Payment Gateway(Stripe/Paypal/Razorpay) Checkout?

    Hi I am an SMM seller, and I hope you are aware that popular card payment gateways (Paypal, Stripe, and Razorpay) do not accept the SMM business model, so I need to conceal(Cloak) my SMM business from the payment gateways mentioned above. Example: Site A: This is the SMM website that I need a...
  2. alex270

    SMM Business Card Payment Gateway Redirect Trick Option

    Hi I'm looking for a programmer or ready-made script that has experience with payment gateway redirects, bridges, cloaking, and funnel website methods. [Or] if you have a better solution that has worked in the past. Am SMM seller, hope you know popular card payment...
  3. Zr9

    If you don't make $20k to $30k by the end of this year, you will die! If this is true, what will you do?

    I know this is kind of an exaggeration, but I'm ready to work 24 hours a day to achieve this. I know this is hard, especially for a newbie like me. I spent too much time trying lots of things on the web, like freelancing, pod, kdp, cpa, and now trying to sell some affiliate products, but still...
  4. L

    Not getting google voice number

    Hello i am verifying google voice number with a friend number who is living in usa but i am not getting number on google voice after verifying a number its again saying get a number how to fix this problem please thank you
  5. HarshaYt

    Does this method work to download any Udemy Course

    I bought a course on Udemy, I have access to the course and I am at Introduction part only, so now what I am the thinking is to download the entire course with udeler. After that request for money back. Will this work?! r do they find it and ban my account?!
  6. HarshaYt

    Live Streaming Hollywood Movies on YouTube !!

    Can anybody know how this YouTube channel stream Hollywood movies (local regional language only)without getting blocked or getting Copyright Claims. They stream 24x7. Note : Link is not promotional pls understand
  7. G

    Vietnamese trick to bypass Youtube monetization?

    I saw many channel like this. They convert their channel to an " Artist Channel". Every channel I found using this trick has a music symbol in their channel's name. You can see in the images below and if you search "Luffy smile" at search bar you see like 10+ channel using this trick. Now the...
  8. JohnKowalski

    Ever wondered how people are passing selfie & ID verification?

    Things to do: Install Crazytalk free software from internet or any similar 3D animator will work. Use the portrait picture which you used in DL. From the crazytalk software you can make the face moving of a picture. Video tutorial: 1: 2: After that, export it or screen-record the...
  9. Meerakat

    Simple way to find backlinks that are linking to any site using Google

    Seems like Google search operators are pretty useful. You just go to Google, and type in this: intext: | intext: | | intext: | intext: OR if the site is pretty brand new...
  10. KJREDDY247@

    How i Got Back My Suspended Twitter Account in Less Than 24 Hours

    So Yesterday when i logged into my account i found the account got suspended. Here is how i got back within 24 hours went to appeal section: ( haven't mentioned any mobile number in appeal) In description space, I sent them an email with details with...
  11. K

    How to build a movie downloading site

    Hello guys, i want to know how to run a movie downloading site, i have seeing many site online like fzmovies, where people download big size films. And am wondering how did this people setup that site and how they are able to be uploading such large movies to the site. How do they manage it. I...
  12. sohom

    [GUIDE] Post an Image/Video on Instagram using your Computer Web Browser

    [GUIDE] Post an Image/Video on Instagram using your Computer Web Browser I know, many of BHW users already aware about this method. But, I am still posting for those who don't know about this technique. STEPS:-> 1)Open "Chrome" browser from your computer And Right-Click and choose 'Inspect'...
  13. P

    how to increase data consumption of an app on android ? any trick or tip ?

    please helpp
  14. D

    [HOW TO] Get more Story Views | Only working in June

    You read correctly: This little "trick" is only working in June, so use it this month to get a little boost in Story views (as long as you're not shadowbanned). You won't boost your story views by 20%+, but my two main accs still noticed a growth of about ~15k views the last 2 days and why not...
  15. AuraMarketing

    Any trick to get my product on top of RedBubble Search?

    I've recently started a Redbubble store and added a few designs. I've used relevant tags but my listing appears at lower positions when someone searches for the tag. Does anyone know about any trick/hack to get my listing at the top?
  16. fredrik123

    mozilla firefox clone trick for your unlimited work (fb/ig/yt/adword/email per each clone)

    this is old trick, i use this in 5 years. but i believe some people don't know about this trick. every browser clone is fresh browser after you creating. every clone have own cache and cookies, you like have multiple browser. so you can do unlimited work, create multiple social account, create...
  17. MonteCarlos

    DAMN, It's Getting Bigger and Bigger all the time. It has become Really HUGE!

    To clarify things, I'm talking about my Bookmarks list. As time goes by and I add new entries all the time, this list has become really huge! :) How do you guys handle this kind of stuff? I'm thinking of exporting in html and uploading at my site. Then check them out with a tool like XENU, for...
  18. A

    The Secret to the Highest Growing Keyword in 2019/2018

    Hello guys, I am glad to be a part of this huge community Today I'm writing this thread so we could discuss and maybe we will find the answer to the secret growing video keyword in 2019 I'm not sure if you have noticed but there's an incredible amount of views gaining keyword New Comedy Videos...
  19. kn1ves

    [Trick] How To Know If Google Updated Their Algorithm

    Traffic suddenly dropped? Your site might be affected by a Google algorithm update. Google releases multiple small updates to their Search Engine algorithm to prevent webmasters from gaming the engine. Most of these updates are not announced officially and people have no choice but to speculate...
  20. kn1ves

    [Trick] Find Hidden Gems in BHW

    BlackHatWorld has a sea of knowledge available, I doubt any course offers information not already available on BHW, however, finding that information can be quite a daunting task. When I joined BHW I used this exact trick to quickly soak knowledge and become better at marketing. Some of you...
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