1. Faceless Men

    [JV] Partnering with Someone from U.S. for Virtual Assistant jobs

    Me and my team are from India, so we can't apply for virtual assistant work in US. I have team of talented employees who are experts in : CRM ERP Spreadsheets Cold Emailing Prospecting etc. Your job will be to apply for these contract based jobs and I will be doing all the work. We will split...
  2. Naughtyfatkid

    Anyone in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) business here?

    Good day BHW friends! Does anyone here run a BPO business? Basically a business that have their operations on a tier 3 country while serving customers from tier 1 countries. Looking to hear how you got started. How did you get clients from tier 1 countries? What's it like working with a...
  3. somewebmaster

    Do you hire help?

    * Please do not send your offers, because I'm not hiring now * I have 10 sites, 8 of them are adult tubes with embedded videos (from big, free tubes). Infrastructure: WordPress + WP-Script As this is my side job, I found myself in a situation that I just don't have enough time and energy to do...
  4. Uzii

    Where Should I Look To Find Trustworthy Employees?

    Hey all, I'm in a situation similar to probably many of you, I have a project where I'm working with large quantities of sensitive info (credentials, limited client info, etc.) used for something similar to social media management, and my project has been starting to take off. My problem is that...
  5. crazy.ass.mofo

    Local SEO Outsourcing (Total noob)

    I got clients that want local SEO work done. I don't know enough about SEO to discern shit from not shit. Please spare a moment of your day to tell me how much I should be paying people to do my local SEO. $100pm? $800pm? I know it's a long shot, and I may not get the answer I'm looking...
  6. crazy.ass.mofo

    Outsourcing SEO

    My friend has been warning me of shitty SEO gigs on BHW, so I need a little help finding someone who can actually provide results. Please can you send me some recommendations for freelancers who can do high quality/affordable Local SEO. If you don't want to share your contact please can you...
  7. draco02

    Making money with a mammoth website - my new strategy

    Ok so initially my plan was to start a web community on a website, thematisizing E-Commerce topics (wont go into detail) Even tho i have competition i thougt i could rank easily by just buying google ads to get traffic ongoing But there s a Problem: ad traffic is not= higher rankings And...
  8. FrankyOne

    Would you start a webdev agency by outsourcing ?

    Hello all, I would like to ask you if you have ever managed a web agency (a front-end business) using freelancers available nowadays on the most popular platforms. As you may already know, there are a few factors that limit a freelancer' success and push him/her to find employment as an...
  9. Wes32

    Outsourcing Content Opinions

    Hey What is your experience with outsourcing blog content? I have worked with writers on Fiverr on and off and have had good and bad experiences. For $10 - 1000 word posts I have actually had some luck with Fiverr writers. Is there a better way?
  10. Richard Batsbak

    Outsource Your Instagram Client Management

    [image removed as requested by the @Richard Batsbak ]
  11. ehrazz

    Looking for an all in one Outsourcing solution for a Digital Agency

    We are currently looking for a complete outsourcing solution for our digital agency. Must be able to provide services like: - Web Development - Design - Social Media Marketing solutions (Postings, Ad management, content creation) - Google ad management - SEO All our in house developers are...
  12. Syntell

    Outsourcing vs. Automation

    The situation seems to be looking grim concerning automating Instagram. I was considering using a bot and after careful research I'm seeing more and more posts about accounts becoming banned from their use. I've heard everything from bad/unreliable/expensive proxies, follow/unfollow ratios...
  13. Baba6

    I welcome myself to the forum of indigenous of internet

    Hello one and all, old and new, short and tall, I am Baba based out of India.
  14. Md Masudul Hasan

    Hello Every one.

    Hello Friends and Experts of BHW Have a wonderful day. Wish you all the best.
  15. El Magico

    I think I will outsource my Web 2.0

    Do you think its a good idea to hire experienced VA to create my web 2.0s for me. Its way to time consuming to build these things. It doesn't seem practical to build them, take a good while to build only a few. Do you guys outsource your web 2.0s?
  16. MagyarMoney

    Hello there!

    Good Evening. I have been viewing this site for far too long, and figured I should make the first step and put myself out there. A bit about me: I was born and raised in the UK. And I now remotely manage a customer care line for a UK country whilst living the expat life in Hungary. I also...
  17. mikev

    Looking For Inexpensive Writing Services For My Amazon Affiliate Website

    Hey guys, I am recently looking for affordable, good quality content to outsource for my Amazon Affiliate website. It is actually in the Pet Supply niche. Do you actually recommend getting my articles written for a complete silo (30 articles in the silo)? If so, can you recommend me a...
  18. Cent Joseph

    Become a successful freelancer.

    Hello Friends Have a wonderful day. There are huge and huge outsourcing and programming marketplaces are available in this online world. You have to go for any search engine and type- Outsourcing marketplace. You will get minimum 85 listed marketplaces. There every seconds several thousands...
  19. TommyGann

    Hey guys... is this required?

    Hello everyone, I came here after friend recommend it to me. I'm mainly interested in outsourcing linkbuilding and some other stuff to people around here. Is it required to register tho? I mean to use your services? Thanks
  20. santhej

    Building A Reputation Management Agency in 100 Days With A Virtual Assistant

    I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. I am planning to build a reputation management agency in 100 days. For this, I am actually reselling a reputation management service from BHW. 95% of this project will be outsourced. A Small Intro About Me: I am basically a Mobile App Marketer. For...
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