outbound links

  1. 4ry4n

    [Question] Do outbound links help or damage SEO?

    Hello, I have been wondering, let's say I write a blog post about something and point links to a couple of natural sources of my data, am I helping or damaging the SEO of my site with that? And should I care if they are follow or nofollow links? Regards,
  2. kurosaki4d

    Question about Backlink Juice

    Hello there, I'm currently in the process of building some quality backlinks for my site by writing guest posts to related niche sites. I read somewhere that the more links there are in the guest post the more the link juice is spread and divided across those links, so if in my guest post...
  3. 18young

    Shared IP SEO question :)

    I have two sites in shared hosting (Shared IP). Let's say I have site A and site B. While I am working on-site A I found an article that similar to my Site B niche. So if I put an outbound link from site A to site B, is it can be an SEO issue because I am using the same IP for both sites? This...
  4. akshay_saini

    45 nofollow outbound links is too much?

    Hello friends, please suggest. I was reading that having many nofollow outbound links is bad for SEO. Could somebody give me an idea how many is "many"?
  5. skaru

    What did I do to disable affiliate link localization on my site?

    Earlier this month I did all kinds of changes on my site: switched from W3 Total Cache to WP Rocket, switched to a faster theme, possibly even deleted a plugin or two (thought I listed them but its empty so I'm not quite certain, yeah I'm a mess). Since around that time there's an increase in...
  6. developer1989

    My website link juice going to my competitor even if i removed the link

    Recently i bought a website and the seller placed her website link on my purchased website I removed the link and verified in MOZ and still my website outbound link juice flowing to seller website How is it happening? What is the best tool to check outbound links of my website?
  7. da_marketing

    Tools that show outbound links.

    Are there any other tools beside AHREFS that show outbound links from a domain?
  8. Shropdog

    best way to add outbound links from your moneysite

    so how do you place outbound links from your money sites? I dont mean authority links in articles etc, but such as some websites will list your website if they get a reciprocal link ( such as niche relevant directories etc ). Do you just build a relevant link page, partners page, our...
  9. Myst3ry

    [QUESTION] Outbound Links and SEO

    How many outbound links are too many? Is there a rule?
  10. N

    OBL on PBN's

    I need advise from PRO's about OBL Assuming you have PBN and what is the best way to do OBL on your PBN Ex: (you have pages like) Bluewidget.com bluewidget.com/car-dealer.html bluewidget.com/used-card.html Should you put a link on those pages with different keywords pointing to your Home Page...
  11. alecaus

    About OutBound Links how to make - SEO ON PAGE

    Hello, I read that it's important to have links that take you out of your site, it seems that Google likes that. But, I had some doubts about that. If you have some experience and you want to share with us I thank you immensely. 1. How to disclose a link to another site, other than for your...
  12. PandaBusters

    Black Hat Efficiency Index needed

    Black Hat Efficiency Index for Better, Less Competitive, Higher Return, Trending Keywords needed. Higher Yandex, fewer out-bound-links (the last two means more authority URL's with more do-follows likely), high demand (number of look-ups in 24 hour period), trending upward (linear regression...
  13. marios_521

    Links To Authority Websites For Best Results - My Idea

    We all know that linking to authority and relevant to your niche websites may help your rankings. I have some thoughts (and questions) I want to share with you. My Question: How many are too many? I mean, if two links to some good sites may help, what about ten? Is the SEO benefit good enough...
  14. Scritty

    Old School Advice For Linking - That Never Actually Gets Old

    Sigh, Another couple of assists for guys (well one guy one girl) who had issues with bad ranking in Google. The girl just hadn;t left it long enough. The site was less than 3 weeks old and the keywords were moving up nicely. I put her on to social media to get some nice quick visits. Turning a...
  15. jamie3000

    FREE - Outbound Link Checker - Are you linking to Malware damaging your ranking?

    Hi Guys, I've made a tool that I think some of you will find really useful. We all link to websites right, but do you ever bother to check if you should really be linking to them? You probably do an initial check but after that just assume that the website is OK to link to. What happens if...
  16. Vrindavan

    Redirect linking outbound links and tracking

    >> http://www.example.com/out.php?url=http://www.google.com Will this linking method reveal referrer URL information to google.com ? Will this linking method pass any page rank ? Is this linking method still count as a backlink by search engines ? Can i get the click stats of such url too...
  17. D

    How to find number of outbound links on a site - Magic Submitter add your own sites

    I have been using magic submitter for the last month and I have found it not to be so helpful with the sites it provides straight out of the box. I am going after high Searched, high competition keywords and it has not been working so far. This is when I realized I need to use my own sites in...
  18. gettinthere

    referrer blanking on all outbound links (Wordpress)

    Hello, not too familiar with blanking etc...here is my situation (Wordpress site) Site A sends traffic to Sites X,Y,Z... I do not want sites X,Y,Z... to know that traffic is coming from site A does anyone know the simplest way to blank all outbound links in Wordpress? Thanks
  19. sunseven

    Is There A Script That Counts OBL's?

    Wanted to know if anyone knew of a program where you can paste a bunch of url's and the program would scan each and tell you: 1.) how many out bound links are on each page? 2.) the PR of the page 3.) The title tag of the page 4.) And would be even sweeter if you could input a url or anchor...
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