onpage optimization

  1. hipster9


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  2. K

    Need with Technical SEO and Lang Tags

    Hello, I am working on a website which operates in 3 different countries. Now issue is all 3 versions have different products and brands. Now whether to implement sitewide lang tag or just country version main url like .com/en-us or .com/en-au I have worked for different websites but they have...
  3. Ashway

    [looking for suggestion] on page

    Hi, can i post a target keyword article on an ecommerce homepage by hiding it behind "read more" will it help rank it? see image for reference. also do i need to create a keyword rich article below every product page or should i create article in blog section and redirect to my product page...
  4. utkarsh123

    How to earn money by SEO?

    I would like to know that how could earn money by seo. 1. On-site seo 2. off-site seo please help me out with your's useful and great advice..
  5. HMS Naveen

    Which on-page & off-page SEO techniques are effective these days?

    Which on-page and off-page SEO techniques are effective these days?
  6. Amal Rafeeq

    What's Your Favorite Part OF SEO?

    Assuming that you love doing SEO (I do), I believe that there's this one particular part for everyone they like. What's yours? Mine is "Keyword Researching". Because I think it's really challenging and a great way to learn more about the topic meanwhile. Also, when you're done with the...
  7. ergoprime

    Problem With AMP and Webmasters Tool

    Hi, I don't know if this forum is the right location to ask my question, but AMP boosts your ranking dramatically and therefore it's kind of relevant. I hope someone can help me: The search engine console is showing me the following error on some of my AMP-Sites: "From User Created...
  8. S

    Using Jetpack sharing buttons ruins your onpage/KW optimization.

    Hi All, I don't post here much, but I thought I'd share this little tidbit I found today. I was auditing the onpage of a site I just started a few weeks ago when I noticed that ALL of the pages had a bunch of words injected into them that had nothing to do with the topic! The terms were...
  9. seobats

    Revolutionary On-Page SEO Service [At Reseller Rates For Limited Time]

  10. B

    Tech Check. Website Health Check Needed due to loss of Traffic after site layout change

    Our website yogaposesonline.com had a recent change to its layout. I would like to diagnose this problem publicly so we can all learn from the experience. Since this has taken place we have a massive drop it traffic. Urls are still pointing to the same places - We haven't dont anything out of...
  11. RedPanda9

    On Page Seo Test!!!

    I currently have a webpage that's been bouncing in positions 4,5,&6 for a certain keyword. I went to check the keyword density today and realized the kw only appears once on the whole page of 2000+ words. I have edited the page to include the kw in the first, middle, and last paragraphs...
  12. elmostreet

    What are you going to do on a deindexed post?

    I do have a gaming blog that performs well recently but most of its traffic had been lost after changing its theme. Checking some of the keywords that it usually rank, it can no longer be found on the search. I thought that the Search Engine is just making some re-adjustment but after waiting a...
  13. J

    Creating Quality content with good on-page meta for JOOMLA 2.5 - post penguin

    Hello again! The second in my ongoing CMS SEO tutorial series here is now public. I got this one in 1080p, much clearer then 720p. I cover topics like onpage SEO, the correct place to create Metadata for joomla, onsite blog deeplinking, meta classifications. While I demo this in j2.5 it works...
  14. J

    Creating Quality content with good on-page structure with WORDPRESS - post penguin

    I made a video that is more important then ever now on how to write good articles with solid structure for Wordpress. This is even more important after the Penguin updates have finished off a lot of sites long tails. **********************************************************...
  15. E

    Best onpage optimization?

    I am starting to set up a couple new sites and I was curious what kind of onpage optimization is most effective. Specifically keyword density and how to work in your keywords and still have a good flow. How well does it work in to SEO overall?
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