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    Hello again!

    The second in my ongoing CMS SEO tutorial series here is now public. I got this one in 1080p, much clearer then 720p. I cover topics like onpage SEO, the correct place to create Metadata for joomla, onsite blog deeplinking, meta classifications. While I demo this in j2.5 it works as well for 1.5-7 systems (which ya might want to upgrade ;)

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    Anticipating this question::. Why use the menu for meta vs article?

    A::. It is because you can end up with duplicate content pretty easy when you start looking at a menu item like a "blog layout" and even frontpage elements. The menu is a better way to treat consistently your pages. Joomla is renowned for having and creating extra pages/link types and thus duplicate content. The best way to ensure this doesnt happen is by sticking to a menu driven system for your content and modules for one-offs or repeat elements.

    Feedback? Questions? Ideas to hit on for other tutorials?

    THIS IS MENT AS A FOLLOWUP TO MY WORDPRESS, which goes over structure for your written content and title/meta alignment::.
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