1. georgetoons

    Joomla backlink (HIGH DA)

    Hi BHW fam, I need some assistance from you SEO pros, I am trying to add my website link to my joomla forum profile but it wont let me as if the option is locked. Has anyone gotten a backlink from Joomla and knows how it works? Do i have to level up in the forum like on BHW? Thank you in...
  2. georgetoons

    Joomla backlink

    Hi BHW, I was snooping some high da backlinks on ahrefs from competitors, i saw many had a backlink on the Joomla forums. I made an account but i can not edit my account details to add my website link. Does anyone know if i have to do something in order to unlock the option of adding my website...
  3. John Michelson

    Are you using Joomla for blogging?

    If any of you are still using Joomla for your blogging or other projects, despite WordPress dominance in the CMS world? Is there a specific reason why you're choosing Joomla in general and especially?
  4. T

    How to Audit Websites on Different CMS Platforms

    Many guides cover why you need to pay attention to site structure, internal linking, copy, site speed, and all that jazz. But what if you had knowledge upfront about the kind of SEO issues and quirks you might find on the site, based on the Content Management System (CMS) or platform it’s built...
  5. chippox

    Joomla or Wordpress ? help me

    Hello guys i am trying to create a new magazine blog and first step to do is buying a new theme.I did some other blogs in the past.When i looking for themes i recognized most wordpress themes sold 1000+ times.It means there is already at least 1000+ wordpress sites about this thread.I...
  6. T

    How to use own joomla site in GSA?

    Hi guys, I was wondering how to use my own lists of joomla blog sites( I'm sure the platform is joomla blog because the admin login is for use with GSA. I made a new project with no engines checked for searching submission targets (in Option tab), which allows me to...
  7. akshay_saini

    WordPress alternative!

    Hey all. So I am about to go mad at my WordPress site. I have currently added more than 1k custom CSS lines and the thing is still horrible. I like to write on medium, and its layout is simply awesome, but I would love to have the same kind of layout on my own domain/platform so I got more...
  8. J

    HOA Website Ideas

    Hi guys, I need your advice. I am tasked to create a HOA (Homeowners' Association) website with ability to post documents in PDF, and invoice and accept payments from members, etc. What's the best way to do this? Can this be done using popular platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal? I...
  9. dhia27

    Detecting Joomla Extensions? WP Plug-in Alternative?

    Hi, I am trying to find a WordPress plug-in which will act as an alternative for a Joomla extension/custom solution, but I am not able to find a proper online tool which detects stuff for Joomla! Is there anyway to detect Joomla extensions a website is using? Are you using Chrome extensions...
  10. O


    I have little knowledge of coding, but I can use WordPress and joomla.
  11. himdave999

    joomla website creation

    Dear friends ! i am looking for new website starting from zero, wanted to have joomala website, if you are devloper of joomla website please inbox me with details, i will give you example website and later on you give me pricing details Regard
  12. javadth

    how to find joomla websites

    hi how can i find joomla websits ? any version
  13. P

    What is the best and ......... web hosting provider for small eCommerce business ?

    What is the best, reliable, cheapest web hosting provider for small eCommerce business ? I'm a new on eCommerce business. (i use wordpress and joomla cms). So i'm looking for the best, reliable, cheapest web hosting provider for my small eCommerce business. Now i know only hostgator and...
  14. codeman1234

    Where to get joomla templates?

    Hi, I am trying to find joomla templates but, on there is no way to find them, can anyone tell me where are you suppose to find the free templates from joomla? like happens with wordpress that you can download them from Thanks
  15. K

    Best CMS for 2014

    Hey BHW Nation, What is the best CMS for 2014? Am used to work with Joomla a lot but I was wondering if you guys know of a trend for some new and awesome CMS which you use for your clients (when creating/managing websites). Any hint?
  16. A

    Best Web Platform for creating e-commerce site?

    Hi Guys, What do you think is the best platform for creating an E-commerce website? Joomla? Wordpress? Drupal?
  17. U

    ACCEPT Perfect-Money payments on VirtueMart

    Now you are able to accept PerfectMoney anonymous payments on joomla based websites using our brand new plugin Features Perfect Money for VirtueMart Plugin is a VirtueMart payment plugin for Perfect Money payment gateway. Link Virtuemart with Perfect Money Take payments online Compatible...
  18. S

    Which one is good Joomla or Wordpress for community site

    Hi friends Which one is good for starting a community website Joomla or Wordpress ? I am noob for joomla . I have experience with wordpress. Need your valuable suggestion. Thanks in adv
  19. S

    Joomla or Static Html Site for SEO

    I am working on a project for a client that has 20+ Joomla websites all utilizing the same template. They are trying to rank for multiple services that they offer. Allot of the text is duplicate content and the sites are not ranking for very many keywords now. My question is how SEO friendly is...
  20. A

    ARTIO JoomSef 4.3.0 Pro?

    Do you know where I can find ARTIO JoomSef 4.3.0 Pro but full version?
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