onpage optimisation

  1. dakudaddy

    Internal Link Method ?

    Hey BHW Is there any way to link hundreds of post internally? Thanks
  2. Dipesh chamling

    more keywords are not ranking ?

    Hello! guys need a professional tips here. I have been building links and managing on page SEO for a website and this website only ranks for 20-25 keywords. I have been optimizing each and every pages carefully also using search console fixed indexing and crawling issues. still the site does not...
  3. Mahinder Pal

    Is there any effective way to increase my website ranking?

    I am working on the site www.phonydiploma.com. I'm ranking behind my two main competitors even though all competitors analysis suggest that they are weaker in every category viewed by Google. Is there any effective way to increase my website ranking? Thanks in advance!
  4. D

    Primary keyword is not targeting my page?

    Hello every one, call center outsourcing services is my keyword and targeting one page and ranking is 24 But another keyword is call center outsourcing and targeting page is same mention above and ranking is 100+ you can visit my profile for targetting page i done good quality of backlinks...
  5. seobats

    Revolutionary On-Page SEO Service [At Reseller Rates For Limited Time]

  6. R

    Build Mini Private Blog Network Web 2.0 Properties Rank with 2 tiers Begin from ONLY $39

    Email: [email protected] Skype: media.rockers
  7. D

    What is the latest recommendation for keywords in url, title, h1 and text?

    I had a plan to use my exact match keywords in url, title, h1 and several times in the text. Those keywords are easy competition so I want to target them directly rather than some long tail. For example: keyword site.tld/keyword <title>keyword <h1>keyword text that has keyword several times...
  8. fusilli_jerry89

    Local SEO Practice

    I am practicing some local SEO, and so I am trying some things on business websites that I do not own. Since I have no access to the onPage SEO of these websites, I was wondering if I should bother trying to rank for keywords that do not appear on the page I am trying to rank locally? Is it even...
  9. R

    URL Redirection in Advanced Blogger

    Hello Friends, I have created Blog in Blogger (allseolists.blogspot). Any body can let me know how I can change its landing page's URL's. I want to modify them according to SEO friendly. I have tried a lot for doing this but unable to do.Please help me to do this.. Regards,
  10. M

    Using keywords in CSS files is considered keyword spamming or not?

    My question is can i use keywords in CSS file name, CSS header-ID name, CSS class-ID name etc. Is it considered keyword spamming or stuffing? I've never seen anyone discussing about using keywords in CSS files or template files, can anyone give me some insights?
  11. J

    Creating Quality content with good on-page structure with WORDPRESS - post penguin

    I made a video that is more important then ever now on how to write good articles with solid structure for Wordpress. This is even more important after the Penguin updates have finished off a lot of sites long tails. **********************************************************...
  12. nandugan

    on page optimization + adword setup

    Hi, Alraeady engaged someone to do link building also. so Needed someone to do onpage optimization + adword setup. I myself tried setting adword. But I am unsucessful.The ads are not displaying . Message shown in Google adwords account " Rarely shown due to low quality score". So i need...
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