1. jeanfrank

    Not important for these pages?

    Some pages are not indexed. Should i remove the noindex code?
  2. M as a Backlink

    I am trying to use articles so I can make myself a good contextual backlink. However, each article I write and then publish it, the published page has a no-index tag. My backlink will be useless if not indexed by search engines. I tried old accounts and I also confirmed the account...
  3. H

    Should I use rel="noindex nofollow noopener or rel="nofollow noopener, to noindex a pdf on my page?

    So, I have seen an error on my search console that a few pages are not indexing due to presence of this tag (rel="noindex nofollow noopener). I have used these tags to noindex a particular pdf on my page. Here is the page link -
  4. M

    Looking for Solution - Pinterest Pins All Have Noindex

    All my pins in my Pins in my Pinterest account have no-index tag which prevents them from getting indexed by Google. How do I solve this? I wanna get rid of the no-index tag. I see lots of Pins on Google search results. But min is just plagued with a no-index.
  5. Yupwork

    Not found (404) Removal Noindex URLs

    Hi guys it's been week that I removed some content from my website and GSC sent me notification about Not found (404). I submitted those URLs on Removals tool to tell google that I don't have those URLs and I don't wanna it on website. but google keep send me this message "Page indexing issues...
  6. Z

    Index problem (for weeks)

    Hi guys! I have a new website. The google bot visited it at 8th of december, and there was noindex metat tag in the site. I removed the noindex then, and many times sent for new index in search console. Now, after 3 weeks, the website is still not indexed. The search console URL test says there...
  7. G

    Medium articles are no-index now ?

    Yesterday I created a couple articles on Medium and after publishing them I noticed that they were showing as no-index, is this for all articles now on medium ? or is there some requirement I have to meet to turn them to indexable ? I have not used Medium in like more than a year so now sure on...
  8. N

    I accidentally noindexed some pages, which I'm now trying to index

    Hello good people. So, there are loads of pages on my otherwise well ranking domain which, when launched, had: <meta name="robots" content="noindex" /> Now, they're back in my sitemap.xml, and I've also now fixed that robots meta tag. However, google hasn't retried any of these pages since...
  9. D

    Should I Use NoIndex page's Content?

    Hello All, I have found 1 blogging website which is NoIndex. I mean that websites all blogs are marked as NoIndex and I have also search in google and not found any blog on google. so my question is can I use that content on my website? Can I rank by using that content? It is harm to my website...
  10. hatterftw1

    Pinterest Pins Showing as No-Index ? Why ?

    So I was doing some pinning last night and did a couple dozen pins no problems and all displayed as indexable and everything. Then this morning I noticed that this last pin I posted last night happen to be showing as a no-index tag on my chrome extension. At first I thought that something was...
  11. Kim Goddard

    Woo-commerce Store and SEO Best Practice

    I need your help please, SEO experts! I am building a woo store and I have a line of products that contains only 5 products, each product has a different name in my niche. These products can be customized into different themes, so basically I have around 50 themes that can be applied to each...
  12. shaggy99

    My profile links are not indexing. I tried almost every method

    About 3 months ago I made about 15 - 20 back-links on profile pages and Web 2.0. websites. - I ping them with about 10 different services to be sure it would get noticed. - I used Scrapebox rapid indexer on them - I made back-links to them ( about 5 - 10 comments on each one of them on blogs...
  13. Myst3ry

    Friendly Reminder to All Newbies Creating Backlinks

    When creating backlinks, check every site where your link is placed if it has noindex tag. That will look like this: You can see this when you open Inspect Element(F12) on Chrome. Ctrl + F to find the noindex tag. Wherever you look this on the page it's the same, the page is not indexable...
  14. Candice Horie

    I having problems in google search console

    Hello, I having problems after submitting my sitemap in google search console I have valid 4.76k URLS and 15.5k Exclude Discovered - currently not indexed - 4,018 and some others I really dont know what can be, i checked the robots and is ok, i used some software to scan the web site and i...
  15. Z

    Noindex + remove this urls will help?

    I have an e-commerce website with 500 products: 60 with good and 440 with poor content (not so popular/important products). My google positions are not so good for the main keywords: category pages and homepage. My idea: I take the product pages with low content into noindex (till I don't...
  16. C

    Product pages from noindex to index - How?

    I have a 6 month old ecommerce website. At the beginning I wanted to category pages rank faster so I had to take the product pages into noindex (because all of them duplicate from the manufacturer). My main category pages are at the 3-10 position now. My questions are: 1. If I change the...
  17. LeftyLuke

    HELP! How can I hide a string of URLs in Shopify?

    A nr. of URLs are being indexed that I don't want to... But since it is impossible to edit the robots.txt file shopify says in this guide to hide a url you should put the following code in the header of your template: {% if handle contains 'page-handle-you-want-to-exclude' %} <meta...
  18. J

    Will these links pass juice?

    I dont see an ahref nofollow so I am thinking they are passing juice. The site told me that these links are all nofollow as per google policy. I think they just have to say that though to not violate policy. Just checking before I pay to be a "vendor" Can someone confirm that these are links...
  19. nonchetos

    Web 2.0 noindex?

    Hi, recently I've been across a few web 2.0 plataforms with trouble for indexing, like who's now using this <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> to avoid new websites to be indexed or which blocks the robots.txt to avoid being crawled by google. My request is: does anybody...
  20. D

    Wordpress categories and tags

    Hello mates, I understand that to avoid duplicate content, we should noindex categories and tags, and yoast seo plugin provide an easy way to do that. I am wondering if these should be: -noindex follow or -noindex nofollow I have a niche website that have several categories and tags Thanks
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