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  1. aristocratic

    [OPPORTUNITY] ✔️✔️ Amazon affiliate website for sale. ✔️✔️ ✅ Making +$200/month ✅

    Amazon affiliate website for sale: Niche: Home Improvement (Air Quality Improvement) Domain TLD:.ORG AGE: 1.5 years Posts: 108 Word Count: +200k Monetization: Amazon Affiliate, Adsense EARNING DETAILS January: $ 205.82 February: $ 254.56 March: $ 185.83 April: $ 92.04 May: $ 140.04 June: $...
  2. new_don

    No Traffic On Amazon Niche Site

    Hi guys i have started my first amazon niche site in first week of september 2020 and till now in first week of january 2021 there is no traffic hardly 2-3 clicks in a month and 50-60 impressions around in a month. It's been 4 months now and it's a fresh domain and till now i have 40 articles...
  3. K

    Amazon Affiliate Question

    Do affiliate sales drop in September & October because people are waiting for the retail season or is my website's performance dropped?
  4. Rank wizard Ltd

    How is your conversion rate after the pandemic?

    A few weeks ago I posted a thread asking about the amazon commission rate cut impacts. It sparked some insightful discussions back then. So, the gist of the thread was that although amazon initiated a commission rate cut, affiliate marketers were seeing an increase in conversion rate. Guessing...
  5. hekke

    hekke’s Guide to Building Affiliate Websites

    Over the years, I have written multiple guides on topics related to building and ranking websites. I have been getting a lot of questions (try my best to reply to each of them) but sometimes I tend to miss a few due to lack of time. This is why I decided to make an end to end guide for building...
  6. imonboss

    Expired Domain Problem? Safe or not!

    I am starting a niche website and all the kw research are done. Now i am ready to buy my domain. But i am thinking an expired or deleted domain for seo value. But i am scared if the domain is penalized or not. Can someone Please help me take the decision. I will be grateful . Thanks. Looking...
  7. imonboss

    Best Hosting For Affiliate Website????

    Need Opinion from Experts! Which Hosting provider and package type you would use or recommend for Amazon Affiliate Site. Some of my competitors have very fast websites and I really like it. Though I am looking for cheaper options available and a speedy hosting at the same time. I can use your...
  8. stevesolo

    ⚡⚡PRE MADE SITES ⚡⚡In-Depth Keywords⏩Domain/Hosting⏩Unique Content☘️DISCOUNT INSIDE☘️

  9. imonboss

    [For $300] Would You recommend buying this Website?

    Hey BHW, I am thinking of buying a ready made niche website and someone came up this one. Since This site is built using a expired domain and it's previous content somehow relate to the current niche, I am considering the proposal. But, before I strike the deal, I would love to hear some...
  10. IamKing

    How I Made a $2,200+ with Simple Amazon Affiliate Site? Little Success Guide to Motivate Newbies

    Hi, Got some free time to share my amazon affiliate little success story to inspire you guys. Last year i did a case study with small amazon niche site. Here you go last year earnings from single site: As we got many detailed threads for each part of amazon affiliate program from site setup...
  11. oblivion19

    <Journey>My amazon affiliate site journey to $1k per month for my dead site

    Hello guys, I have a site that I had been earning for the past 3 years. Unfortunately, slowly and slowly it has dwindled down to nothing. It's making around $100 to 200 per month now. And this journey is to analyse whats wrong with the site and try breathing some life back in to it. Here are...
  12. Reeshua

    [Journey] Recovering My PENALIZED Amazon Affiliate Site to $1,000/month

    INTRO Hi! I've got A LOT of free time this month because I just parted away with a business I co-founded and generally have just been waiting for passive income + some projects to push through. So right now I'm wasting an awful amount of time just watching anime or Korean dramas lol. Quick...
  13. D

    Earn Big Money With A Turn-Key Amazon Website - Rank & Bank

    FAQ What is the Turn Around Time? Between 2 – 4 weeks Can I choose the theme? Sure you can but you may be better off letting our guys handle that. After all, you are paying professionals to build you a site that will make you cash. Do you have a sample site? We have a sample that you can...
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