niche selection

  1. virtualbyron

    [NEWBIE GUIDE] Find Profitable Niches & Keywords

    Researching the market is simple: identifying and studying a specific market or target audience within a larger industry. Researching consumer needs and preferences will help you to: Gain insights into customer needs Identify competitors and market trends Understand the strengths and...
  2. Eternalman

    How to find a niche on Ahrefs?

    Hey guys, I have been reading a few articles and threads on finding a niche, but none them seem to work for me. Anyone knows how to find a blog website niche on Ahrefs? I'd greatly appreciate any help or even directions to the correct guides. Thank you
  3. Sproxa

    How can I find a good niche?

    I believe I've been overthinking my niche selection for a niche site I'm planning to start, It's been 2 months and I feel like I have done nothing and every time I find a decent niche I find a fault in it then keep looking for other niches, I know I shouldn't do it but I just can't help it. Did...
  4. JuicyLucy

    Is there enough product? Things to consider before picking a niche.

    In my honest opinion, picking a niche is one of the most important steps in business. You are deciding on what are you going to work for the next years. You have to enjoy it, if you won't -> bad things will happen :) On top of that, it can easily determine your upcoming success or failure. So...
  5. D

    How to Find Zero-Competition Niches for Affiliate Website

    Hi Guys I just saw this video on YouTube, this is an amazing trick to find low-competition niches but I don't know why I am laughing so much how this guy tells it.
  6. Blogsmith

    Questions Reg Ecommerce + Affiliate Marketing Website

    Want to embark on this money making journey. Following are my questions: 1) I want to establish a WP site on "Mobile Phone" accessories 2) Is it a better idea to build one site with accessories for all kinds of mobile handset types or its better to focus on particular brand/models like: iPh /...
  7. doctorhm007

    What do you think guys about this niche

    Hey guys, I was doing some keyword research and I found this, this is a "best product" type keyword that has 54k ms/m. What do you think just by looking at the SERPs? I'm certainly going to go after it but I just want to hear some thoughts/feedbacks.
  8. Y

    Can someone please help me on finding micro niche?

    Hey friends, This is my first post on BHW. My question is for all the micro niche site website owners who run a site that is less than 10 pages or maybe even less than that. Q1) How do you get the niche idea? Q2) After getting the idea of how do you search for keywords? Q3) How do you validate...
  9. lopzj

    How to Select Niche for CPA ???

    I,m very new with CPA . I have approved account of Maxbounty and Affiliateads . But i dont know what niche i select for CPA .Now a days every body Talking about CPA with instagram . how to select niche guide me plz
  10. P

    Is Self - Development Niche Worth It ?

    Starting a new site. Going to write 2500×3 articles by myself , will take me a couple of weeks to complete. Just wondering , is going targeted on Self development/ self improvement worth it ? I have done some research on a few keywords , found that Lifehack and wiki rank for most of the...
  11. yesitspossible

    Best Niche to choose for Drop Shipping in 2018?

    Hi, I just place an order of $299 for a Custom Drop-ship Ali Express based store from a popular Vendor with everything setup. All I need to do is to tell them which niche should be selected out of a number of suggestions given by them. Personally, I'm in digital marketing and not having that...
  12. ksk71119

    [Guide] Niche Ideas and Selection

    Niche selection! How well do you think you do that? Yeah, everyone talks about amassing profits from sites but what is really the most important step is selecting a niche. Everyone finds it difficult because your whole plan is based on that. If you select a difficult niche to proceed...
  13. Sofor Ali

    What Can Be the Best Blogging Niche for 2018?

    What Can Be the Best Blogging Niche for 2018? I was just researching about niches and I was doing that for one of my clients. In that moment, I got that question. Please answer.
  14. dhia27

    Seriously, how much do you earn, blogging ??

    Hi, I am willing to start a new blog. I learned (the hard way) to take time searching, learning and planning. My question here is very simple: HOW MUCH DO YOU EARN FROM ADSENSE, BLOGGING ? to properly answer my question, please mention the following : niche/micro niche (or something related)...
  15. dankerman666

    1700+ Niche Ideas To Get You Started

    Hey guys, Found this on a site and thought it would be a good starting point for anyone struggling with niche selection. It's super long so make sure to scroll down until you find something worth working on that suits your interests.
  16. R

    Choosing a niche

    i need some help choosing a niche for my membership site, i have already sorted some niches that i have passions in and that (can) i think make money. But i can't choose which i start with, please can you help me. I wanted just say that i have interest in all of them, even though they are...
  17. M

    Selecting a niche for new MNS

    Hello guys! I am new to Black Hat World. Well, I've been thinking about starting a Micro Niche Site and I'm stuck with the selection of the niche. I tried a few searches on Adwords Keyword Tool, and got some results. I just looked for keywords having LMS just above 1000 and CPC above 1$. I'm...
  18. thesilent

    Finding niche worthiness.

    How do you determine a particular niche's competition. Say if the keyword I am targeting has 1k searches per month and if google shows 10k results is the niche extremely competitive or moderately competitive. If you have a ratio (No of searches:no of search results) to determine whether the...
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