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    Hello guys! I am new to Black Hat World. Well, I've been thinking about starting a Micro Niche Site and I'm stuck with the selection of the niche. I tried a few searches on Adwords Keyword Tool, and got some results. I just looked for keywords having LMS just above 1000 and CPC above 1$. I'm just a beginner and I would like to get advice on many things.
    1. What kind of tools are available for free? I'm currently using GKT, and Market Samurai Trial Version, any others?
    2. I think ranking on the first page of G for a particular keyword is necessary for the success of an MNS. So what factors decide whether or not my site can rank in the first page of G for a particular keyword I choose? Other than the competing websites' page-rank, number of back links etc.
    3. For an average count, how much CPC, LMS, GMS, etc should I research for?
    4. How can I determine 'whether or not to choose a keyword at first sight' looking at its SEO report in market samurai?
    5. What are the different methods for monetizing the website? Like adsense, amazon.
    6. Will adsense be approved for MNS websites? Should we have another account for this?
    7. How can we monetize for a keyword if the competetion of that keyword in adwords is low?
    8. What should I care about, when I am registering a domain name for this site? Length of the domain, keyword inclusion?
    9. This is going to be in Wordpress, so how many posts should I make?
    10.How much would I earn from this MNS after one month?
    11, What kind of themes is suitable for MNS, free ones? Is swift theme like ones okay?
    12, What about link building? Should I start building links at once or should wait?
    Experts please help. Thanks in advance.