1. nmehic

    Want to buy some MNS but not sure which seller to choose...

    Hey guys, I am looking to buy some Micro Niche Websites from a seller here but am still not sure which ones are proven to be the best and are going to give me a quality kickstart in providing myself with a stable passive income. Can someone recommend any sellers? Thanks!
  2. rudrapada

    [JOURNEY]70 Clickbank sales in 7 days!!!

    INTRODUCTION: Hey, Guys, First, lemme thank all of BHW for letting me in here. you might know me or don't, but LISTEN TO ME! I am 18 and right now am studying undergrad (Bio.). I was to become a Doctor but coz of certain unexpected circumstances I am learning something else. I got interested in...
  3. rudrapada

    [HELP]Creating an MNS !!!

    I want to create an MNS,but is it good if I have a domain name with the extension ".me" The domain name looks quite good though,I am buying it new. Consider different things while answering my question,like SEO,visitor impression on the site etc. Thank you for answering. -Rudrapada
  4. DarianS

    No knowledge-No money Rank&Bank Method-Help

    Hi guys , this is the beginning of my journey First of all , I'm truly sorry for every mistake I make with my not-so-good english , not native. So , as the title says , I've been reading a lot of topics here on BHW and I will for a long time from now on . So , I want to start my journey but I...
  5. P

    Is Google Adsense still worth getting into?

    Like the title reads Is Google Adsense still worth getting into? Just curious to see what people say. Im interested in trying to make some Adsense websites.
  6. B

    Micro Niche Sites what design u use?

    Hi community! I'm wonder what design you use to prepare MNS. Do you use CMS like "Wordpress" , "Joomla" etc. or you rather prefer only HTML sites with nice clean layout and CSS?. Please Vote in poll :) Cheers!
  7. M

    Micro niche site and whats next!

    Hello guys, I've been a very active lurker for a long time and i decided to try my luck with a micro niche site. i bought a domain and hosting and wrote some a pair of small pages (300 words) with no affiliate links and another 3 pages with affiliate links. How hard is it or how long does it...
  8. Elin Dotsya

    Dotsya's Clickbank Journey To $1,000 Per Day

    I know, I know. I did say that I wouldn't make a new journey thread until I acquired all of the required skills. I'm doing this because @mancar487 recommended it. Instead of constantly PMing and emailing a bunch of people, this way would make things far simpler. If you recall from my previous...
  9. C

    Are Niche sites any good on BHW?

    Hello, I am thinking about buying an adsense/amazon niche site from the sellers here on BHW. My question is, the sites that claim to be SEO optimized.... Do they make any cash right out of the gate? Thanks in advance.
  10. R

    Can You Still Make Money - MNS?

    Can you still make money making a micro niche site, And some questions: How many searches should the keyword have? How much should SEO cost to rank 1st page? How many articles posted? How much are u expected to make daily? Thanks
  11. R

    Newbie Advice On Setting Up Site Please :)

    Hi, I've been following this site for quite a while now, and last year decided to make my first website, I decided to make a niche site and bought a keyword from a member on this site. I was told the keyword was low competition and had searches of around 6,600 on google keyword tool. I setup the...
  12. main character

    [SEO] Main Characters Journey to $100 / Day

    Hi guys, New guy on the block but I'm ready to take action! I've read tons of guides and post on this forum and finally decided to take action. My goal is to create a bunch of MNS and rank them. I'm aiming for $100 / day with Adsense and then learn to flip them down the road; I think that's a...
  13. akhilbiju

    Micro niche sites still working ?

    Hello guys, I am planning to create some micro niche sites. So I just want to know whether it's still possible to earn some good passive money but creating many MNS. I want to use it for Adsense.
  14. S

    High Quality Micro Niche Sites - Start Earning your first $$$ Online

  15. A

    Micro Niche Website Questions

    Hi Everyone, Could you please clarify some facts i have about MNS ? I'd like to know if google isn't going to ban me if i create 10 website in the hosting ? For low competition keywords, is the site going to rank in 2 to 3 weeks in the first page among the 10 results ? I'd like to know if...
  16. mancar487

    The Micro Niche Method for Making Money Online For Beginners [METHOD]

    What I outline is a relatively easy method for IM beginners to start making money. It is also a very scale-able method, which is key. 1. Find a micro niche To start with, you need to identify a low competition niche. To find this you need to be thinking about micro-niches, rather than...
  17. dankerman666

    1700+ Niche Ideas To Get You Started

    Hey guys, Found this on a site and thought it would be a good starting point for anyone struggling with niche selection. It's super long so make sure to scroll down until you find something worth working on that suits your interests.
  18. Bulger

    Authority Devil Earn Passive Income With Custom Build Authority Websites $77 Only

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 06/19/2015 ----
  19. rudolf21

    Transform MNSites to One Authority Website

    hi, i have a few MNS in one niche. I did a lot of SEO mistakes. Some of them got penatly. And i want to start over with one authority website. if its possible i want to use content form them. i was also thinking about redirects. some domains have gt 20+ PA/DA just redirect this domains to the...
  20. BlackVL

    First Steps To Ranking Site?

    Few months ago I started my second MNS. The first one is still ranking #1 because of some 15$ link-pyramid service. I was very glad with this while it made me some money. Offcourse I wanted more so I figured I learn to rank sites on my own. So after a few weeks of placing content and letting it...
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