1. dank_chocolate

    How do you motivate yourself?

    Blogging is a daunting task. If you are someone who is a little impatient then the thing adds up more. I have been blogging for two years now. Been through a lot of ups and downs in terms of both traffic and moral. The two are Internally linked. If the traffics is down obviously your moral goes...
  2. T

    Journey on my personal development Thanks BHW

    Hello Fellas, After posting my problems here: I got motivation from other members of BHW and starting my own journey of being fit and extrovert. My goals will be to eat healthy and homemade on a daily basis, get...
  3. T

    Help me BHW to get over my depression

    Hello BHW, I am an introvert and don't want anyone to know this in real life, My problem, My age is 24 now and still weight is 43 Kgs/94.7988 lbs, due to this i am ignored at many places in daily life. this is main reason i am depressed from along time but with time I somehow managed to live...
  4. ZarofimX

    Action is the key to success

    Hello Community. So i do not know where to post this and i just posted here, feel free to move it Mods :). Every morning i get up and watch motivational videos that sends me shivers everytime. I get up and i am motivated so much that i think i will become multi - millionaire in no time, that i...
  5. JonathanFerrari

    Motivational Work Frome Home Thread

    Hi all BHW people, Today i'm going to share the story in how my little brother 15 yeras old,claimed his first 3€ frome internet. All started with finding passions, and frome home in internet he was searching for comics drawing artists. He Saw amazing works, amazing artists and soo the next...
  6. hazzi

    Songs that motivate you

    What’s songs do u listen to when u need that motivation
  7. BrokenJamJar

    Freelancer to Businessman ( Success Story)

    Hi there! I was roaming around BHW for many years as a guest and only recently I joined the forum and started interacting with it’s members. I have seen many success stories in here and I thought it’d be a good idea to share my own story. I’m not a millionaire or anything but I make good amount...
  8. savobaby

    Feeling unmotivated? Watch this!

    Just something to help any of you struggling, this just popped up in my recommended, so I thought I'd share and hopefully it inspires one of you to keep working towards your goals.
  9. ahmedEL

    Time management

    Hi guys can you please share with bhw members your routine how many hours you work daily and how stay motivated
  10. itmark

    [Method] Why do I not make money?

    Too many options is one of the biggest problem today. When I started my internet business in 1999 it was pretty easy there was not much that could take away my focus. Today we have information overload. It's have much harder to stay focused as we get bombard with the next big thing. So I made 5...
  11. yasin manjothi

    1 day i post my $1000 day journey

    sorry for bad english when i see people are making good money in a day and i really burn to see this journey i always thing if they can earn so why i cant. if i work hard coming soon journey.........