[Method] Why do I not make money?


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Aug 4, 2008
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Too many options is one of the biggest problem today. When I started my internet business in 1999 it was pretty easy there was not much that could take away my focus.
Today we have information overload. It's have much harder to stay focused as we get bombard with the next big thing.

So I made 5 points I use to get the most out of my efforts.

1. It need to be fun or it will fail from day one! Pick a niche you like & feel excited about.

2. Plan to help people not scam/trick people. if you don't do this the income will stay low & not reach your desire.

3. Make a plan, do the plan, stay focused.

4. Don't think you can do everything yourself. Outsourcing is key. Also you help him make a few bucks. This will help you in the end. (Spend money to make money)

5. Share!!! This is the key for the cycle to keep energized. You don't have to give money away if you dont have any. But you can help in many ways.
The more you give the more you get. Pretty easy as that. I know it sound like new age crap.. But try it for a month and see the difference.

Everything in this universe are based on energies(good & bad) and if you wanna boost your "positive" energy and make your efforts even more power full.
I suggest you take a look at orgone & orgone generators, Karl Welz make some nice ones.

If you want to try how this work/feel try this chi card its free. http://www.chi-card.com/cb/free-trial-chi-card (I am not affiliated with this in any way)

But keep in mind don't boost bad energies..

This is all for today... I hope this can help some one in need!!!