1. Facebook_Master

    Anyone made money from microniche Websites purchased from BHW?

    Hello, I hope this is the right forum for this question .. I have some doubts on the efficiency of microniche sites in 2019 but at the same time they seem like an interesting way to earn money for someone who doesn't have a deep knowledge of SEO. I am thinking of purchasing some of them from...

    Has any of you this service testing: adsensegorilla

    hi I'm sorry because I have weak English language Has any of you this service testing?: adsensegorilla Is it a good and guaranteed service? thanks
  3. xana

    Adsense arbitrage Niche

    Hi, guys is there a method can i use to search for a good adsense arbitrage niche to build a website ?
  4. hacko

    ✅GET A HEAD START ✅ Incredible Amazon AFFILIATE Websites Already Ranking ✅

  5. hacko

    ✅F█CK Your Microniche Sites ✅ Pick a niche, get a RANKING Amazon Site ✅

  6. anishpdsah1

    A Blue Print to Building Niche Blog that Makes $500/month

    Hello guys! While browsing through the "Blogging" threads here at BHW, I found a lot of black-hatters seeking a good method to create niche Blogs that can make a lot of money. So, I thought to share a brief of my research work that I made. I hope you people enjoy the post. 1. Select Niche and...
  7. deathass01

    Adsense Microniche Blog To $20/Day

    Hello Everyone! Today is going to be my first step into properly learning some SEO techniques! I know that this is a long process, lets see how well it goes! Ok so to start with I have found some keywords that have a relatively low Keyword Difficulty. Goal - My goal is to reach $20 per day...
  8. R

    Can You Still Make Money - MNS?

    Can you still make money making a micro niche site, And some questions: How many searches should the keyword have? How much should SEO cost to rank 1st page? How many articles posted? How much are u expected to make daily? Thanks
  9. Deuris

    How many articles is enough to start making backlinks to my microniche site?

    Hello, friends! I need your help. So, I`m trying to make microniche site. Microniche stats: Monthly searches: 12,000 Ad Competition: High CPC (according to Google): $4 I have already bought domain (.org) choosed WP theme and customized it. An I have added first article. I want to ask how...
  10. J

    Making money through Blogger

    Hey guys. I am new to this forum and to internet marketing in general. I never knew that people could really earn money online. That being said, I'd love you guys to suggest me some lucrative niches/microniches that'll help me make a start. Thanks in advance.
  11. Noah Hawryshko

    If You Can Monetize Torrents, I Found You a High-Demand, Unsaturated Microniche!

    I think I've found a new, unsaturated, extremely in-demand subset of torrent keywords that nobody has made a move on yet. This micro-niche is frequently searched for and there is currently no competition that I know of within it. If you're interested I'll disclose the method with no strings...
  12. myinternetempire

    Around 50 Niche Blogs For Sale PR0 - PR5

    I had these websites on an Adsense that was banned a few months ago. These sites would be great with Chitka or other ad networks and affiliate products if you had the time to write some great content.... $50 - 3dprinterheadlines.com $50 - autobitcointrader.com $50 - badcreditloaner.com $50 -...
  13. P

    Do you think this NICHE can be Profitable? (with numbers inside)

    Hi, There's a sub-niche I was looking before: [Exact term] search at Google keyword Tool: Global Monthly Searches : 1000 - 1600 Local Monthly Searches : 500 - 1000 Competition : Low to Medium (but mostly Low) I was looking to make a blog and write high-quality articles around this...
  14. dropsy16

    Micro Niche and Niche?

    What is the difference between a micro niche and a niche? Thank you! :)
  15. D

    Question That Will Help Many. ?

    Whats better for micro niche websites? 1. Building backlinks manually and quality is the key here. 2. using service like scrapebox blast. Remember this is going to be for microniche websites, so is it worth the tinme to build backlinks yourself? or is it easier and better to buy backlinks...
  16. A

    How to go with SEO on microniche site?

    Hi there, im pretty new in the microniche site scene, and i wanted to know if my SEO plan would work? also if anyone got some tips for me :D okay, so i was thinking doing backlinks with scrapebox and maybe pay someone to do some link wheels? what more could i do? Also, this is not an...
  17. mtwttr

    SEO tips for newbies

    Hey my BHW friends. I wrote a short article on my website and in my opinion it is useful for people who are starting with whitehat seo and microniche websites so I wanted to share it with you. I hope mods wont remove the link b/c on my website there is no affiliate links or anything like that...
  18. B

    Need some microniche advice

    Hello! I am a webdesigner but i have basic skills on SEO and totally noob on microniche. I want to make a microniche site (or sites). I need some advice, specifically some really useful post links from this forum to start with: - how to find good keywords - how to start seo for microniche -...
  19. L

    SOC? Niche finding?

    Pardon my ignorance, but SOC means strength of competition correct? How do I find out this number? Google's keyword tool shows "Competition" but it's referring only to adwords competition I think. The next metric is "global monthly services" and "local monthly services". Please advise...
  20. M

    Suggest Marketing Plan For 250 MicroNiche Sites

    Hey Friends :) I joined this forum 6 months ago and I really enjoyed by reading threads here. You guys helping each other with all your knowledge and I appreciate it. :cool: Well friends I also need help with my marketing plan. I am just done with 250 MicroNiche sites setup, content...
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