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    I am a webdesigner but i have basic skills on SEO and totally noob on microniche. I want to make a microniche site (or sites). I need some advice, specifically some really useful post links from this forum to start with:

    - how to find good keywords
    - how to start seo for microniche
    - what kind of programs should i use
    - what steps should I follow etc.

    I know I know..."search first" etc. <- reason why i am asking useful post links not concrete advice.

    (but if someone can give me concrete steps and advice, just PM, much appreciated :)

    Many thanks,
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    The thing is you know the answer yourself.

    What is micro niche?

    Is something which caters to a small market of targeted buyers. To put them in numbers. A market which has around 1000 to 5000 unique buyers a month.

    Why Micro Niche?

    Because big players will not focus on these small markets, and hence it is easy for you to compete, and the competition will be less and easy to beat.

    How do I know the exact number of potential customers?

    It is obvious that google is the the one who can give you such information. They will give you with the exact number of searches (local searches) per month, so you will have a rough idea of the number of your potential customers.

    How do I know about the competition?

    Google's adwords keyword tool gives you all the information that is necessary. the number of searches, competition, cost of advertising. Literally everything you need to select on a niche

    What should be my strategy?

    The common strategy is to go for a low competition niche with a minimum search of 1000+. If you are in to adsense, then select keywords that have a bid of $1 or more, so you get more for every click. Set up a website, post quality content, do onsite SEO, and build quality backlinks.

    Wait and watch. If you have any specific doubts about how to go about executing this strategy you can pm me.

    all the best
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