advice need

  1. B_Martin

    New: Looking for SMM panels

    Hi, I've been doing digital marketing since the start of the year. I've had multiple clients and have now realised that hopping into the adult niche will make me filthy rich . I'm currently going over the initial set-up of my brand and socials, and am looking to buy some followers, likes, new...
  2. A

    Hey, I need some advices...

    I'd like to know some ways or things to learn and make some money, something where I could check a bit every hour or where I could spend productively 3 or 4 hours per day (not playing games like before), because I'm working 8 to 6 and studying at university 6:30 to 8:30, I've been learning about...
  3. Ammar777

    Can I make 1 million $ in 2024 if I start now ?

    Hello guys, I am new with you and I am here to learn from you the techniques and methods of making money I own a computer and the Internet, and I do not have money. I want to master the field of cpa and email marketing. I started my career. What do you think of this? Please, whoever has a...
  4. Vido900

    Need advice, domain name and spam score, buy or not?

    The domain name was registered in 2004 according to I checked some other results from the web archive, seems like the website was "clean" because the niche is "looking for job" related. They tried to sell it 2 years ago but nothing the domain name is free! I want to open a...
  5. T

    instagram OSINT

    Good morning guys, After some fun I had with osint on telegram, I started to think about how to osint on Instagram... so I am searching for possible ways of getting a users account by the users phone or email, indeed I found a way, searching on dumpor with the name of the user, and afterwards...
  6. M

    Solve Verification Sms

    Hello Friends I Wanted To Register An Account in some App .. So They Accept Only U.s Phone Numbers.. I Bought An U.s Number phone From Godaddy And all Gone Fine .. Until I Entered That Number On The App To Get Verification SMS .. But It begins to display a blank dialog with Error Msj Says //...
  7. M

    need advice

    Hi guys!!from france I have just created a website to advertise scholarships and jobs! do you think it's possible that I can make a little money with ? what are your tips!google translate
  8. M

    Hello everybody

    Hello everybody, first of all I want to introduce myself, I am a system administrator with some low skills with php/html/javascript programming experiences. I have read interesting ideas from you guys and I see that in this community there are a lot of professionals profiles. Unfortunately I...
  9. Murrchik

    Custom Content Locker Css [Help]

    Hello Guys, i'm currently trying to completely rip a very good landing page and have problems with installing the custom css for the content locker on OGads. The LP is buildvbucks dot com This is what i found, but obviously you can't just copy and paste it in OGads, it would really help me if...
  10. Z

    Please help me

    I`m a newbie of IM. A few days ago, I started my trip of IM and studying how to make money with shopify and fb,But yesterday somebody told me "shopify at lease ten thousand dollars to survive",,,but I dont have too much money.Even I have no money..So last night I can`t sleep . Always thinking...
  11. Pronoy

    Need suggestion/advice - what a Dissapointed freelancer will do?

    Hello Mates! Hope all are doing great! Here, I am 22 years aged guy from a small and beautiful country Named Bangladesh who is really dissapointed about his future and need some suggestions or advice. As the title said, I was a freelancer who started working on the last of 2014 and getting...
  12. G

    I need advice on changing my Instagram niche.

    So I am running a fan page with a little over 2000 followers, but i want to change it into and automotive/luxury so that i can start doing business. i get 300-460 likes per post with 1800-2500 impressions per post. I use only 1 hashtag, so all of my engagement is real. I gain around 75-100...
  13. TheSupremax

    Advice on traffic increasement

    How would you promote and increase traffic on a free follower niche website? So far I have made a few instagram accounts and a tinder account to spread the message, but I feel like I am shouting in the wind. Any advice is welcome PM me for website name :) Thanks!
  14. Danny Crypto

    Which offer to use from crakrevenue if you are receving million views on your porn.

    Seriously I have received million views on Xvideos and can anyone help me to select what kind of offer I should select to maximize the revenue. Right now I am using SMARTLINK which automatically changes the offers on the backend. But I was thinking to hit just one offer is it good ? What you...
  15. S

    Hello guys, I need an experienced hand

    Hello to everybody, I discovered that forum yesterday and it look like that I'm seeking for a long time :) I don't have website, really fb pages or other things with a good number of followers. I just tried in this year to do some page on facebook but it have only some my friends like fan and...
  16. TheSupremax

    Small instagram account

    Hello, I have a women posting- related instagram account with a small follower pool of 2.8k. I am looking for ways to climb up from here, would it be wise to trade shout outs at this point? Any advice given is helpful!
  17. E

    New Here-need advice!- How to recruit new Affiliate to my affiliate program

    Hi, I just got a new job, Affiliate Manager of Visa Services company. I worked in the past as an affiliate account manager, but here I'm building the affiliate program from zero. I want to recruit new and good affiliates to one of the best-converting sites in this industry. I want to ask you...
  18. R

    [ADVICE] Best offer on CrakRevenue at the moment?

    Am searching for best offer at the moment (CPA & PPS) on crakrevenue. I run adult niche website.
  19. TheSupremax

    Looking for advice

    Dear fellow blackhatters, I have currently found out about this site and done some researching, now I am wondering as a guy with absolutely no experience but a lot of time to invest what would be a fitting strategy to make some cash through internet marketing. I am looking for a step-by-step...
  20. escobart

    What is your best advice for those struggling in IM?

    Hi, i'm starting 2009 as a blogger. But it seems hard to make money using blog. Until 2014 i make a lot of money for local affiliate + blog. But that's not the beginning. I still struggle finding a way to make money online. My aim to make $1,000/month at least. When I joined this forum, i...
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