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  1. AmeliaLily

    How do I choose a meta description for an individual in an SEO? What is the difference between an SEO title and an SEO meta description?

    How do I choose a meta description for an individual in an SEO? What is the difference between an SEO title and an SEO meta description?
  2. SEOHermit

    Meta Descriptions messed up in SERPs lately?

    Using Wordpress. We have been noticing a problem with some of our recent posts having partial meta descriptions from other posts showing in the SERPs. These are unrelated posts and we thought we had tied it to the fact we had category archives indexed and it was using the most recent post...
  3. scopedelta

    Google is showing the wrong meta description of my website

    I have properly filled my title tag and meta description for blog post. I checked the SERPs and realized that Google isn’t showing my specified meta description text but something else. Why doesn't meta description not appear in Google?
  4. Louis Timothy Dioso

    My meta description, tags and title is not showing on google search results

    Ok guys so I just wanted to ask some questions because last night I have added a new links to the search console because I optimize all my page already but those posts are already posted live on my site last last week. When i check my site on google ( the meta descriptions, tags...
  5. A

    Whats The Impact?

    Whats The Impact? if there are duplicate meta descriptions in multiple pages does it has great impact on (on page seo)
  6. W

    SEO Meta Description Advice

    In the last 3 months, one of my sites received 22k impressions in Google search but only a 3% click-through rate. I want to work on my meta descriptions to create a better call to action. What potential SEO pitfalls might this create? I don't want to undo all of the search positions I have...
  7. Roger SEO

    Meta Description Not Shown in Bing!

    Guys my site has been indexed in both Google and Bing. Google shows the meta description I set but bing shows my website URL as meta description. Is there anything else I should be doing or will solve itself in time?
  8. M

    Meta Description For PPC Compaign

    Hi guys. I have an e-commerce store and I add 10-20 products daily. I also run different campaigns in google ads too. So I want to ask if someone can help me referring to any good tool for auto meta description so that will save a lot of my time . (Free or paid both)
  9. lastborn

    Meta Description

    I'm in the entertainment niche (a newbie) Pls someone should put me through with "meta description" I can't seem to understand it ... Please...
  10. T

    Special characters in meta titles (specifically a plus symbol)

    Looking for some advice. Is it a bad idea to use a + sign in meta titles - would search engines understand title that was "Brandname +" or should I stick to "Brandname Plus"? Thanks!
  11. Rank wizard Ltd

    Does well-optimized 'Meta Description' still work?

    It had been long since Google denied counting 'meta description' as a ranking factor anymore. Most SEOs stopped putting keywords forcefully right after then. But do you guys find optimizing meta description with keywords helpful anymore? Or does it even help to boost the CTR of contents?
  12. I

    google picking some part of meta title

    i had just update my web site title for example - camping in dhanaulti, kanatal camps - dhanaulti kanatal camp but google is showing only last - dhanaulti kanatal camp please help me what i should do
  13. Alex D.

    Configuring Yoast plugin, is this normal?

    I leaved meta description empty on my posts as it's shown on image below: But when I open page source on my post there is meta tag "description" with the content. <meta name="description" content="the first two sentences"/> Why is it there when I didn't filled up meta description box? I want...
  14. L

    Help Need. Site Title and Meta description not displaying correctly

    Hello I need help with this. Site Title and Meta description not displaying correctly. I just a few days a google updated a clients meta description and site title, and when i publish changes made to the website, Google and other search engines, didn't display the new meta description and site...
  15. TechEinstien

    Have you Increased Meta Description Length on your site?

    As all you know google updated meta description length to 320 characters. Have you changed all your meta descriptions? After google update i am seeing around 20% increase in traffic. But haven't made any changes in meta description yet. Should i do it? How to embed keywords in 320 characters...