long tail

  1. robot2020

    How to do Keyword Research for Amazon Affiliate site?

    How to do Keyword Research for Amazon Affiliate site? I wanna start an amazon affiliate website but I need to find low competition keywords. What tools, tutorials and guides should I check out? Maybe share some keywords too google online or some links to places to learn. Please point me in...
  2. Sharriar Porosh

    Premium Software for Seo Keyword Research

    hi, guys I just want to know is it possible to use any premium SEO Keyword Recharge Software Free? for long tail keyword Research or any keyword Research? If it is possible then how? and It will much appreciate if anybody shares the software if he/she has. Thanks :)
  3. Frankkk

    What volume for a long tail keyword?

    Hello BHW friends, I'm starting a new blog and I'd like to hear about your experiences with long tail keywords. I'm thinking of focusing on keywords from 10 to 50 searches per month to start this new project, but I'm not sure. Between 15 and 30 articles only to start. What do you think about...
  4. AdwordsAlgorithm

    1k - 10k long Monthly Searches long tail keywords Worth trying?

    Hi all so after setting up my second site in another niche (something clothing niche) so i have started working on finding some long tail keywords but easy to rank keywords (0 seo difficulty) and some kinda pretty OK Search ( around 1k to 10k monthly search) so here are some questions for you...
  5. hasan7707

    What is the best way to research keywords for niche site?

    I'm talking about researching low competition keyword for amazon affiliates. How do I find new low competition keywords? Of course, I have to go long-tail, but any specific way you would like to prefer to find the long tails? Speaking of low competition, how to actually check the competition...
  6. andreaissabel

    Could anybody answer me a doubt about Youtube?

    Lately I have seen some "competitors" that are creating channels and upload hundreds of videos (all taken of other channels) in one or two days. What could be the objective of it? Desprestigie fair competitors hoping YouTube penalizing them for duplicate content? Seeing that the channels are...
  7. Frankkk

    Many short articles or 1 long article?

    Hello BHW friends, I'd like to know what is your experience about this: I have 1 article of 3.000 words but I don't know If I should to do 10 of 300 words or just 1 of 3.000 words. It's 1 article of 1 keyword but I took 10 long tail keywords. What do you think?
  8. C

    Is Scrapebox still good for LongTail Keyword research in 2016?

    Hi, I noticed lots of marketers talking about longtailpro, SEMrush and other tools in their keyword research. Is Scrapebox still a good tool for scraping terms and long tails for keyword research? And how about Traffic travis for competition analysis. I have found lots of comments about those...
  9. mainceaft

    One of my site is back , what I can do next

    Hi I just do R301 for one of my site to new domain and most of my KW ranked again to it previous position . The new site ranking are stable , and most I notice google rank it first on many long-ail KWs . Now how can make good use of it , should I build some new BLs targeting major KW , Or take...
  10. whiteblackseo

    Picking the right long tail keywords

    I found a niche but am not sure in pursuing it. Usually every search term has PA of 1-25. Keyword not in title. 1-12 links for each post. All websites to buy product. My site is basically a guide to buying the product. Should I pursue it? And if you're wondering, the long tail searches are...
  11. ayoubcocoo

    From 0$ to a stable INCOME {all the details inside}

    Hi BHW members in this Journey my first journey i will try to reach a stable income by a niche blog ;) so what is the plan : I did some research for an idea to work with and after a week BINGO :p i found one that i can start with the idea is simple it's about crating a niche blog that cover...
  12. S

    Saturated Niches

    I'm having trouble finding a profitable niche that isn't already over saturated. Is it a stupid idea to jump into a niche that I don't know a lot about if I'm finding a lot of untapped long-tail keywords I could use for pulling in traffic? These keywords would be loaded into SEO'd articles that...
  13. U

    Going back to HitTail/KeywordEye? Should I?

    I joined HitTail and KeywordEye a few months ago now to help keep track of keywords. I wasn't happy with KeywordEye because you couldn't save anything and everytime you wanted to check for keywords, you would have to type everything in again. KeywordEye also didn't provide any email reports so...
  14. fbfans

    Does anyone try to seo their affiliate pages?

    I was putting some final stages to my next round of marketing when I came across an article about long tail keywords and it got me to thinking, would it be possible to seo my affiliate page for the keywords the companies don't really aim for I mean an extra 100-200 really targeted leads a month...
  15. GimmeMoney

    [Tutorial] How To Find Millions Of Keywords That Google Doesn't Tell You About.

    The google keyword tool is lying to you. It actually knows about a ton more keywords than it's telling you about. And because almost all of your competitors rely on the google keyword tool or software that depend on it, they're never going to find out about those golden keywords the tool...
  16. L

    Keywords Attached or Separated-Google&Youtube

    - Maybe it is a stupid question, but I have to be sure : - Is there a difference between a Keyword with multiple attached words and a Keyword separated by dashes ? How Google (and Youtube) analyse it ? For example : "EasyandFastMuscleBuilding" and "Easy-and-Fast-Muscle-Building" ? Is it...
  17. X

    long tail analytics tool

    What long tail analysis tool do you recommend, or are you using to the long tail for your blogs? I'm currently using Hittail and 103bees, but none of them satisfy me. Hittail only allowed 1 domain, and 103bees doesn't have suggestions. I prefer web based analytical. Thanks in advance
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